Back to reading…

In lieu of writing (which I’ll have to relegate to the weekends) I’m back to finding quality reading. Two of, what appear to be excellently written novels, I’ve run into (last three days) are The Improbable Wonders of Moojie Littleman — Robin Gregory and Small as an Elephant — Jennifer Jacobson. They’re YA, and short, but so far they are exquisitely written. One can feel the craft applied; few if any words out of place; pace and thrum just right for the story.

Both of these stories border on the literary. Which is where I’d love to ride the rail (some day, fingers crossed). Both I pulled up in Amazon’s Look Inside and read the first few thousand words. “Yup, that rings like a bronze bell.”

So, if you can borrow through your library, or spend the few pence for either of these, I recommend them. They’re not racy or scandalous, nor high intrigue or political conspiracy, but they feel utterly true if fabricated.

The Improbable Wonders of Moojie Littleman:

Small as an Elephant:



9 thoughts on “Back to reading…

  1. Will most def check out. Thanks. Love rec’s from writers such as yourself. I’m currently reading Yuval Hurari’s 3rd book: 21 lessons for the 21st Century. Btw, I have a new short post up and review your edits today. I’ve taken a long break from writing myself, and am now gearing back up…thanks again for all your encouragement.

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  2. While YA is not my bag, older YA as coming of age is. Craft is always good. Observation only, but the application of thinning as in word reduction is what makes these things work. Getting to it without all the fluff. My favorite author is still Barbara Park and her Junie B books. Change the characters to any age and you get flawless, to the point flash. If one can’t write that way, (he said to the mirror) her books make great outlines for how to get from here to there. Read, write, remember to breathe. When we get too caught up in processes and bullshit it screws our writing all to hell.

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