Death to Amazon

October 8th, 2018
• Submitted The Gribble’s Eye to Draft2Digital publishing engine.

Days elapse…
• All of the publishing venues approve the submission — ACCEPT Amazon.

Why? No one can say. “BLOCKED” read the publishing segment in D2D. Well, fuck me sideways. Thanks you, you Bezosian troglodyte. No email from the Big ASS, sorry AZZ. No indication as to why. Just “BLOCKED.”

A D2D agent was kind enough to inform me (after my befuddled email) that the Big AZZ had blocked my submission because the story was “already available as a blog.” WHAT? You mean the promotion I tried, in vain, to do months ago — they thought “that” was the part-‘n-parcel of the novel I was publishing? You bloody-fuckin’-lame-ass-toads…

(The CME can NOT come soon enough — centered on northwestern Washington state.)

So… I’ve privatized all the Gribble’s content. “No, CrapAzon, I wasn’t trying to infringe upon some website blog with a year’s worth of work in the form of an illustrated novel. (You idiots!)”

– Oh, Amazon is mostly automated (by algos written by bonobos, (sex crazed chimpanzees)) so they can’t really respond, or realize their egregious mistakes regarding prior content on the web… (Bullshit)

– Oh, Amazon is so large that they can do whatever they please when it comes to content. (NoShit – time to die, Amazon!)

– Oh, Amazon YOU SUCK! (Yeah, we suck, every living dollar from the world’s pocketbooks.)



13 thoughts on “Death to Amazon

  1. “In his appeal, he admitted to providing discounts for reviews before Amazon banned the practice, and to sending customers emails about printing out shooting targets that the algorithm might have mistaken for bribes.

    “It was crazy,” he says. “I felt like I was in prison for a crime I didn’t commit, and the only way out was to plead guilty.”

    In a way, Plansky had it easy. He at least knew what he had to confess to, even if he hadn’t done it. Many sellers can’t even figure out what Amazon is accusing them of.”


    1. Well, I’ll admit that discussion with Phil about your story sparked the revisit. But what I’m finding is that (I just finished One Way – a story about death row inmates sent to Mars) is that there was a shit-ton of telling in that story. It was all POV telling — kinda like what you’re doing. And the story worked. So, I’m not sure who’s really right anymore. I don’t think anyone is.
      I know that the new traditional showing vs telling is way harder to write — as we’ve discussed before. But, a well “told” story, like One Way, can work just as well, I think.
      It’s all so damn confusing.

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      1. You had a discussion with Phil about my story? Where’s the link? And where can I read One Way…on Amazon? I’ll buy it as soon as I can and let you know my thoughts.. And how’s the job going?

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        1. One Way was found through the library…

          Job is already requiring me to use what little I’ve learned about the new language and platform to complete tasks. And, as a major corp, they have a rigid build and deployment procedure — another thing I have to learn.
          They’re burdened by structure and compliance, but that lends a sense of pace to the releases. Slow and steady wins the race, kind of thing. All in all, it’s pleasant enough. I’ve got a standing desk — which is new to me, so I’m converting myself from a chair sloth. Thanks for askin’.

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            1. What’s eerily coincidental is that some years ago, when Mars One started touting their bogus trip, I commented heavily around the net about sending death row inmates to Mars as the first colonialists. Thought they could redeem themselves somewhat by dying — and everybody knows that Mars is a one way trip — dying on mars, for all of mankind.
              It’s a pretty good story. I skipped very little of it.

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  2. I have complained about how it is impossible to write an honest review, without profanity, in the Amazon book side. The words the robot rejects may not even be negative. Positive hyperbole, word choices, the are seeking to turn the language into vanilla. I suppose this could be to avoid turning the ratings area into typical internet pissing contests. Strange that they are now copyright and content Nazis. Pick a phrase and doubtless, as in music, it exists as a motif somewhere. There are also promotion restrictions if you opt in to Kindle Prime. A number of selfie publishers are ranting on the big A when sites geared to writers embrace blogs as an acceptable marketing tool. It would be nite if there were a site where writers wrote and shared and published minus the marketing. Keep Facebook and recipes on Facebook or all the others, keep a writing site clean. You won’t find paintings or recipes or Jesus memes on SoundCloud. Lots of bad music, but it’s all music. Lots of pre release “here’s my next one” going on. My thinking is even an 8 year old can figure out clip art music, but it takes a little skill. You can put one of your sex crazed chimpanzees a word processor and with enough paper in the printer you’ll get an erotic novel.

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