A better TODO list

(Sent to Atlassian – makers of Jira – an issue management software application.)

Missing layer — per user task list MyTODO:


  • Is it a todo? Checkbox.
  • Is it a thing to remember – informational? Star.
  • Or is it a discovery node? Something to have answered? Question mark.

I’m sure I could think of a dozen enhancements (as could you).
But basically, a simple personal task list linked to content found in the Atlassian cloud. I’d like it possible to use a Surface or IPad to write/recognize text, but plain keyboard entry is fine. And that’s it.

Sure, things like duration spent per task, maybe another task type (but things to do, things to remember, things to ask are really all you need). And priority? It’s either hot or not.

Links between tasks would be nice perhaps. And maybe arbitrary HTTP links. But simple is the key here. If one needs complex entry – add a Trello board or Confluence post or Jira Ticket — right?

I’ll stay on line while you guys create this…
Or do you need help?

Oh, and I checked out the Atlassian marketplace: https://marketplace.atlassian.com/ — all the TODO or checklist or tasklist plugins? Yeah, they all suck.


I mocked this up in Paint, of all things.


4 thoughts on “A better TODO list

  1. Arguing for or against or with a software company is like running a race in the special olympics. Even if you win, you’re a retard. Because, as they say in football, “Shit doan mattah mo than a week noway ‘cuz fo sho they goan play another one.”
    And how many more important things in the world are there to worry about than a todo list when the future of software will be a subscription model belonging to Amazon or Google? We used to argue for a transpose button. The thing players needed, engineers couldn’t fathom. Run, Forrest, Run. A year later they were out of business and…

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      1. Been in the plug-in business. Never good enough, not like Company Z, wrong color, why won’t it to this, can you make it more intuitive, will it read my mind, will it work on my phone? Why is the iOS version $19 and the desktop $200+? Software sells hardware, mateys! Arrrrr it’s in every torrent site on the planet! Can marketing fix a black eye they see coming? I love plugins. The kind that make the cat box smell like someone pooped in the garden. Plugins should work cross platform, cross brand so you can pick your mail, your calendar, your todo, your notes, your password manager…all in a neat little toolbar. But no…

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