If Amazon /must/ exist (and no one can convince me that it should), then why can’t I buy weed on Amazon?

Weed has saturated the Best Coast. Why hasn’t Bozos, er, Bezos figure out a way to sell Cannabis legally on his beloved garbage garage website?

Really, Jeffrey — what the hell?

Where is the buzz of the drone delivering my buzz while I drone on and on?

Space? Bah! You’re an amateur. Quit while you’re (way) behind (Musk). Get me my drugs – STAT!


3 thoughts on “Amazzzzzzzzzon

  1. You think that sucks? I have Prime. For some reason the Prime logic board for my garage door opener won’t be here till the 5th, ordered last week. Prime video? Ha. Free with Prime unless it’s worth watching. Oh, grocery stuff, Kindle, music beyond the manufactured FM playlists? That’s extra. I’m sure if weed hits Prime they’ll surcharge it. And how will they deliver it? California went on a county by county basis! Maybe they’re afraid to stock it in quantity, you know, attractive hazard? Guess you’ll have to do what those of us in the backwater have to do…go find a street corner.

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