Alita: Battle Angel – loved it

My son and I went to see this movie — during the day — and we had the entire theater to ourselves. I went in knowing absolutely nothing about the story or the history of this film. It was a great way to see it.

We both loved it.

My son didn’t know about the concept of the Uncanny Valley so later I explained it to him. Alita’s character exposes this theme but it’s nuanced — the feeling wavers all throughout the movie. And I think that’s appropriate. The girl is NOT human. She is Other. And it shows. Yet she emits such expression, such engaging behavior that you can’t help but be attracted to her — despite her otherness.

I highly recommend this film.



5 thoughts on “Alita: Battle Angel – loved it

    1. Hey Guy.
      Yeah, Akira has some of Alita in her – for sure.
      Lots of politics — shit I’m not used to. Just give me work and I’ll do it. Don’t make me tread the corporate ladder, or throw stones at the glass ceiling.
      I’d like to just abandon it all and go off and really learn to write. Too many obligations, and the guilt too weighty around my neck.
      How’s your scene?

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  1. Hi A. Mole,

    Based upon your recommendation, I sent two friends to see movie in 3D. I’ll let you know how they liked it. Funny, but I can see Uncanny Valley in a few political leaders. Thanks. Duke

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    1. Three-D often makes me queasy. Hope it works out for them. Alita was one of the few movies where I thought to myself, I’ll just sit here and watch it all again. It’s certainly not high-theatre. But it was one helluva fun ride.


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