Emailing the dead

Dear Janice,

Why haven’t you returned my emails? You don’t text me, nor twitter. What’s up?

Hello? Janice?

Google will never delete your account. It will continue to accumulate email long after you die. Consider all the accounts you will leave gathering correspondence years after your fingers have ceased to digitally transmit. The Archive of the Dead. Talk about a Dead Letter Queue.

Think of all the millions of accounts that, right now, continue to collect their penis enlargement, their Nigerian prince, their Russian wife emails. And consider all the languishing friends and ancient lovers seeking to reconnect. The forgotten business associates, the friends of friends who read your book, saw your paintings, wondered about your clever children — their communiques swallowed by the pit of an abandoned account.

Dear Mole,

I’m slumbering here, terra-incognita, considering your inquires as I softly chuckle at the thought of sharing your subterranean abode. Why the urgency? Do you sense the closing of doors? The drawing of curtains? Will our letters find each other in the Ether-space once you surrender your daily toils? Or will the silicon memory that embodies our digital personas petrify, become crystal quartz again as the eons enfold us?

4 thoughts on “Emailing the dead

  1. My brother died in a motorcycle accident last fall. One of his friends had texted him a couple times while he was in the ICU, then a few days after he passed away, texted, “Yo, bro, you dead?”

    I had my brother’s phone at that point and responded, “This is his sister. Yes, he’s dead. He passed away Thursday.”

    The friend responded, “OMG I’m so sorry.”

    Probably not appropriate, but it still makes me laugh.

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    1. An unfillable hole.
      Words do not suffice.
      Humans are a tragic species.
      We’re programmed for unfathomable emotion and attachment yet, in every case, such bonds must be broken.


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