CorpPharma: Evil Incarnate

A while ago I wrote the attached post which explains when
open markets make sense (capitalism) and when social systems make sense (socialism):

Subsequently, I was not surprised to find supporting evidence of this theory.

The CorpPharm company Pfizer, recently exhibited the exact behavior outlined in that post: If a life saving, life benefiting drug is not profitable, or about to be released for generic production, thereby reducing or eliminating the profit potential, then said drug will be abandoned.

Embrel is a drug to treat rheumatoid arthritis. An unintended side affect is that it most likely reduces or eliminates Alzheimers in those patients who take it (64% of those showing signs benefited). It’s about to have its 20 year exclusivity (another contentious anti-society factor) expire.

So, of course Pfizer won’t be investigating this drug for alternate use as a dementia reduction drug. It wouldn’t be profitable.

Fuck the millions of elderly who are susceptible.

Pharmaceuticals are the exact industry that should NOT be placed in the hands of capitalists.
“Give us your sick, your needy, your dying — and we will make them sicker and get rich doing it.”

6 thoughts on “CorpPharma: Evil Incarnate

  1. There is no bigger problem on the planet than corporate greed, and there is no bigger villain of that nature than the pharmaceutical industry. Our politicians need to break the power of greed over government and over humanity, if we can manage to get some of them untied from the same.

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  2. Well told. You know, demon weed has been shown to halt and even repair Alzheimer’s and slow/improve quality of life in cancer patients. But has the bible belt, in it’s infinite wisdom knowing what Jesus might say about stoners (but not knowing for sure) legalized it? No. Why are textbooks in Europe $14 and $70 to $125 for the same in the US? Because “the US can afford it.” Same with pharma. If the folks that keep weed illegal, killing 13 year olds who happen to be in the vicinity of a deal, would allow stem cell research who knows what the pharmomafia would find. But no. Dig this. Blood pressure beta blockers that work are big bucks. Old school drugs are four bucks. The ones that haven;t fallen off the cliff. There are millions of people dependent on drugs that, without much notice, “Oh, that’s no longer available.” No shit? Well call the doc and find something new and expensive before my heart explodes.

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    1. The once surprise that came out of that 2017 post, for me, was that I had convinced myself that capitalism was bad overall. After I rationalized my argument, I realized that I was only half right. What’s missing from the capitalism equation, however, is the “level playing field” concept. If it’s not maintained — like China and the way it pollutes and treats its citizens — then capitalism still sucks. But with strict regulation and anti-trust cops — it works pretty good, for those markets I outlined.

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      1. China is not really capitalism for the masses, more like a facist capitalism that allows the air to be chunky and chewable while the populace subsists on lefyover Mousey Dung.
        What capitalism needs is a conscience, even if it needs to be enforced.

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