Your Favorite: a stand-up round

Where I’m working, we have morning stand-ups: a quick meeting where 10 -/+ of us round the room explaining yesterday’s and today’s tasks. Everyone takes a monthly turn at leading. June is my month. So, first off, I built a spinner to pick who goes first:


Then, I provided a list of topics that each person could volunteer their favorite. Each day a different topic:


  • Media
    • Movies
    • Books, stories, games
    • Media star or fictional character – hero, villain or
    • Fictional location – in what fictional land would you care to live or visit
    • Meme/genre: sci-fi, fantasy, time shift, horror, dystopia, CSI, medical, cops/crime
  • Food
    • A meal or food you’d eat every day for the rest of your life
    • Beverage
    • Sweet or treat: childhood or now
    • Least favorite food
    • Haven’t tried but would like to
  • Travel
    • Prior vacation spot
    • Desired vacation spot
    • Live the rest of your life
    • Would never travel to, worst placed you’ve lived
    • Where would you take the entire team?
  • Misc
    • Favorite science meme: fusion, space elevator, Moon/Mars colony, robots, AI, etc.
    • Music, do you play an instrument, can you dance, are you in a band?
    • Unknown skills (art, maker, cooking, crafts, etc.)
    • Pet, childhood memory, hobby, best/worst job
    • Bucket list: anything

So far the answers have been fun, strange and entertaining.

(Who knew that some folks don’t like shrimp, sushi, liver & onions, cilantro, bean sprouts? Odd people, these.)

8 thoughts on “Your Favorite: a stand-up round

    1. (Funny) Yet, it’s perfectly balanced, it spins for ten seconds before it slows to a stop. I used a roundhead brass paper fastener as the pivot.
      Prior to this mechanism, “first” was last through the door, or first person in the room or the whim of the stand-up leader. I prefer stochastic selection.

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  1. The Deming group model goes humane. The best thing is standing. No chairs, no food, one leader, one time around – shortens the shit out of meetings. “Okay, if we add the button for that everybody wants, the price goes up. Let’s see how we vote this time.”

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      1. Not sure if you caught the conversation I had with RAY on my last blog post, but I’ll be back to more head hopping soon and I’ll be trying to do it correctly…if there is such a thing.

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      2. Saw Goog Docs with your new story added. Very cool. I’ll explore, read, will rarely comment only if I see something glaring. Here’s a new book I rec’d…I just discovered this author and he’s blowing my mind…”The Cabin at the End of the World” by Paul Trembly. When I’m this impressed, I make it a point to read all the author’s books. I think he’s written 4 or 5. This guy head hops and writes chapters from every characters POV. It’s great. Unique story line as well. All FYI.

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