Team building: Barriers

Remember that little thing I mentioned about leading our morning stand-up at work:

Well, it’s been a stellar success. We’ve gone through nearly the entire list, one more day—today—and then someone else will take over the minor roll of leading this team’s morning meeting. And now, no one wants to take over. They like this format and would care to continue it. Damn!

It turns out, all those team building exercises you’ve read about, the off-sites, the silly activities, pyramid assembly from crouched bodies, blind-fold nonsense, the potlucks and such—they don’t measure up to these simple sharing sessions.

Every morning, for a month, go around the room and share a simple favorite, a memory, a dislike, a dream, a wish or a meme. Sure, folks might lie, make things up, but it seems that they don’t; the sharing-bug is infectious.

The team is now more cohesive than ever.

A lesson in sociology? Risk a thought, a private memory: be rewarded with camaraderie?

4 thoughts on “Team building: Barriers

  1. Call me paranoid but I’d make shit up. Seems, from my experience, getting personal at work is just another management techniques used to manipulative purposes. If I want to get to know my co-workers, chatting over coffee works for me.

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    1. Understood. We’re all a bunch of coding nerds and the one “manager” is a peach, the most hands-off boss I’ve ever had, who joins us in the sharing. So, managerial leverage? Perhaps in other departments. But this one, no one has any agenda to pursue.

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      1. That’s good. I’d love to share if it weren’t “used against me” all the time. Never let ’em see you sweat and never roll over and display your weak underbelly type of animal thing…and never confused business associates for actual “friends.” Glad it’s working for you tho. Let us know if and when that changes.

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