11 thoughts on “Stewie the Stoic: Swayed

  1. Hi A. Mole,

    Some gamblers believe they are “special”. Unlike others they don’t confront chance, rather they see into it, like a lover. It gives them an edge on the competition, informs their every move. I gambled for a long time and I always went into a game thinking that my understanding of chance, not just the memorization of odds, made me unbeatable. Psychologically it helped in card and dice games, since I advertised my special gift to the other players. I became known as the guy who never loses, breakeven yes, lose no. Of course, I did lose occasionally and it was very painful. I finally figured out that gambling was a disease and I stopped about 25 years ago. Roulette and slots are for suckers–except red or black. Over all poker is the best, but TV and the internet have ruined the game and now it is so very different. What the hell is Omaha? Thanks. Duke

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    1. Psychological edge would no doubt help in other areas besides gambling I’d wager (grin).
      I trained myself in market trading (Forex) while I wrote software for a high-end trading software firm. I read the books, and in the end adopted Nassim Taleb’s philosophy of Fooled by Randomness. The markets are sexy – but it’s just as much like gambling that it too feels like a disease.


  2. I misread that as ‘thong.’ Whew. Whenever words of wisdom are cast about one need only consult the Bible for conflicting takes on the same theme. For part 2 Never look a gift horse in the mouth comes to mind. I rarely refuse to answer the cosmic doorbell, or fight the current in the stream.

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    1. Chance has proven to be the source of success for many a wealth/popular/influential person.
      The theme, from whence this originated, attributed chance as more akin to winnings; to allow chance to sway you into thinking that you are somehow special.

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            1. That’s not a very Stoic sentiment…
              Jealous? I would be were he an upstanding human bean. But he’s just yesterday’s refried. I don’t begrudge Bezos or Gates or Page. Dork? He’s just so damn arrogant.

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              1. LOL! Bezos’ is bad…when is enough money enough? Obvious, never. He treats employees like slaves and there’s absolutely no need for that. These guys should lighten up. No need to focus on the 2nd trillion, pay more, higher more, you’ve made it already. All imo.

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