Stewie the Stoic: Biological


[Quotes courtesy of Seneca]

[These quotes come from the discussion that blushing is uncontrollable. Regardless of station, age or wisdom, a modest, shameful or angered blush cannot be controlled.]

4 thoughts on “Stewie the Stoic: Biological

  1. There’s a sort of old saying, or one a few of us agreed on once, or maybe it just popped into my head, but it’s damn near impossible to make a woman over 40, 45 blush via standard means. Over 50 forget it unless there’s some sort of second/third/fifteenth time around the romance Maypole. But sex and dirty jokes and bathroom humor, none of that works.

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    1. The fact that Seneca even brought it up, was odd, I thought. But given that the Stoic at least attempts to control their reactions to the world, the fact that some things are uncontrollable is poignant. For him to admit such says to me, this guy was thorough.

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        1. Ultimately, no. Temporarily we can fool ourselves for a time which may alleviate some anxiety and fear of living. That may be the ironic underbelly of stoicism.


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