Who am I-I am who

I used to bound joyfully over the pages of the 1990’s internet, discovering this and that, delighting in what I found wherever I happen to wandered.

That ability, that nostalgic stumbling is long gone—swallowed by the ugly corporate-ness the internet has become. But there are times when serendipity prevails and the blog-o-sphere renders a hitherto unknown flashback to a better, more innocent time.

This is one of those times.

http://www.aiportraits.com is a clever, engaging trip into self-indulgent evocative portraiture. Below you’ll find me, portrayed as only a computer can see me. Can you dwell into my soul? Can you sense my stoic crawling along philosophy’s garden walk?

Give it a try. It’s a fascinating way to re-imagine oneself in another age, another life, pursued by unknown lovers or enemies.

One thought on “Who am I-I am who

  1. Hi A. Mole,

    Well, in typical TH’s style we posted almost at the same time on a similar topic. The motivations were different, but the idea of reflection into who we are seems central to both posts. Tin Hats. Yeah. I’ll give it a try. Art of the internet. Thanks. Duke

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