Stewie the Stoic: Inner turmoil


[Quotes provided by Seneca]

[Here, again, we enter into a discussion of “To thine own self be true.” Two things strike me as I continue to read Seneca’s letters to Lucilius 1) Seneca was acutely aware of his wealth and its affects on those he thought his friends and equals. 2) He continuously questioned the intents of those around him, almost as if he doubted his own mind and his own adherence to his Stoic ideals.

His preaching was done, not to those in receipt of his teachings, but to himself, as reinforcement.]

4 thoughts on “Stewie the Stoic: Inner turmoil

  1. “And is not a lie others a lie to yourself?” That’s the same immobile nonsense as the second quote which denies growth and leverages guilt through the act of relative justification. As we’re memeing there are times to let sleeping dogs lie, and keep living that lie than for someone fragile to stop believing what they believe.
    The dude needs a quote about trust and truth while guarding riches. That goes for any sort of riches. One looking for a trick will miss the trickster.

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    1. What man can say he is true to himself? One would have had to have been born completely guileless and never uttered a lie or fib in their life. There are two year olds who lie. And is not a lie others a lie to yourself?
      Perhaps Stoicism provides some means to cope with our constant internal conflict, rather than just dismiss its existence out-of-hand. I’ll be looking for just this type of advice.

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      1. If I’d been “truthful” instead of so focused on getting laid, I’d have a much different life right now. Maybe better, but you can never tell. I don’t play the “what if” game with my past. Too many variables. But being honest is the best. Hard to do with so many people throwing so many expectations on you. Society, I’m convinced, teaches people to lie.

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