Stewie the Stoic: Appetites


[Quotes by Seneca]

[Seneca quotes Epicurus incessantly. For contrast perhaps? Or maybe Seneca is a closet Epicurian? Here we examine just what we should allow in our indulgences and whether they verge on the extreme. Our bellies, Seneca would tell us, can be filled with gruel, and we should accept it. How often did Seneca eat gruel, I wonder?]


4 thoughts on “Stewie the Stoic: Appetites

  1. “It isn’t the events themselves that disturb people, but only their judgments about them.” – Epictetus
    Are we following all of this MEME worthy quotiness in an attempt to discover that which can be controlled (process) and that which cannot (goals and judgement). Personally, Seneca being a silver spooner spouting “live with what you got” is tantamount to blasphemy if not an outright oxymoron. Control what you can, which is you in process and turn off all the distractions. Getting down to acceptance is releative to one’s own terms of what they find acceptable to live with. Which can go off of any tangent from athletes to Stepford wives…
    You know, for the longest time I though an oxymoron was that Australian guy getting red Kool Aid out of a white shirt with some magic pixidust detergent.

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    1. I’m blundering through Seneca’s letters to Lucilius. When I get 30 days of these cartoons done, I’ll probably quit. But, there other Stoics who are quote worthy. I might step back in, from time to time, and highlight a wisdom nugget, I I find any.

      Seneca does have better things to say, and the whole Memento Mori thing is a theme I hope he gets to here soon.

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      1. Is this some sort of blogathon deal, or a form of discipline whose time might be better spent elsewhere or one of those shining a light like a procto into the annals of philosophy? Are we looking for ourselves in the relics of Deep Thought?

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        1. It’s a discipline whim. Force myself to read Seneca’s letters, pick a quote, make a cartoon, post them for 30 days.
          I mentioned the ironic underbelly of Stoicism (and really, all self-awareness philosophies) — it’s all a crock. Who gives a fuck about any of it? In the end : Heat death of the Universe. Done. No amount of analysis or reflection can change that fact.
          However, since we’re obviously not Nihilistic (else we’d be dead), and we’ve voted to wake and show up, then, while we’re here and conscious, what’s there to contemplate that might pose a challenge?

          Waste of time? Is that even possible? A minute wasted is just as worthy as a minute utilized — which is exactly nothing.


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