Stewie the Stoic: I die a little


[Quotes, this time, by Lucilius, Seneca’s acolyte.]

[More momento mori thoughts, which we’ll end up seeing often, I’m afraid. But this one is not by Seneca. Seneca quotes his friend and confidant, Lucilius. Quote might be a strong word (as are all of these “quotes”) as I believe Seneca paraphrases the younger man’s words. Nonetheless, my time ticks ever onward: oh to stay that second hand, for a moment, for a lifetime.]


[Have you guys noticed the tags in all the Stewie the Stoic posts? They’re all names generated by my python name engine. Some are worthy of novels in their own rights : “Xboki”, “Nizix”, “Ooya”, “Wac”, “Iolen”, “Zuki”, “Moox”]

3 thoughts on “Stewie the Stoic: I die a little

    1. You heard about this mother who kept swearing in front of her child and excusing herself by saying “Pardon my French”… When the child went to school, her teacher asked if anybody knew French.

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