Stewie the Stoic: Originality


[Quotes courtesy of Seneca.]

[Wouldn’t you know it. This whole fiasco has just been dis’d by the one dude to whom it all was dedicated. Ungrateful prat! Ah, well, you can’t win ’em all. You win some you lose some. Beggars can’t be choosers. Don’t look this gift horse in the mouth because one in the hand is worth…

Oh, wait. That was his point. Quotes should not be quoted. Let your voice sing notes never heard. Let the twist of your perspective unravel my own. — Anonymole]

4 thoughts on “Stewie the Stoic: Originality

  1. There are only 12 notes in the Western scale. Look at the vastness of output. While you may say “LOng Cool Woman” sounds a LOT like “Message in a Bottle,” Purple Haze” DOES NOT sound like “Ain’t Talkin’ ‘Bout Love.” Beethoven and DeBussy. Bartok and Mozart. They all woke up whatever day it was with those 12 notes, no more. It is not uncommon for musicians to “quote” their influences in solos or a passage. Or to turn them inside out if need be. I am unsure if either Jimi orm Ludwig set out to make a statement for posterity as both usually made statements with their music that resembled their middle fingers. I think posterity deserves, and subscibes to, “Take that, how ’bout? Eh?” a great deal more than elegant MEME worthy Hallmark moments.
    FYI – unless you’re getting paid, work for yourself and fuck waht everybody else thinks, unless you are perfoming below a personal standard, then being dissed is on you.


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