Stewie the Stoic: Begin


[Quotes courtesy of a proverb that Seneca in turn quotes]

[Seneca lays claim to Lucilius’ progress but reciprocates with the admission that merely beginning an undertaking, to become wise, good or content is far more important than one might think. Certainly, tenacity must see you through, especially in the face of adversity. But the most adverse condition we often encounter is our own reticence to get up and out the door.]

2 thoughts on “Stewie the Stoic: Begin

  1. What does Seneca have to say about those like me who frequently get the inspiration to begin a task, but usually lose interest long before it’s seen through to completion? Does this make me half a success?

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    1. * I’ll be seeking sage advice along these lines myself. I’ve recently (last few years) been able to adhere to a regimen more assiduously. Age related, prolly. There is also a relative factor, relative in that 5 minutes, 30 minutes is a fraction of the time I normally waste on pointless entertainment. I’ve used that as fodder for sticking to some long term goal.
      That and having finished something of duration; I use that as evidence of future success. “Hey, I accomplished X in three months, I can do this too.”

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