15 thoughts on “Stewie the Stoic: Failure

  1. Or, one could simply dispense of the entire notion of success v. failure or winning v. losing, thereby finally evolving beyond those primitive instincts that haven’t been necessary to survival for most of us since pre-agricultural times.

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          1. I’ve been blogging like a mofo, but it seems that the Philistines in WordPressLand are ignorant of the sheer magnitude of cultural impact that the 90s Nickelodeon show Fifteen brought to bear on the troubling times we now inhabit.

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            1. Hear, hear! I can attest to the contribution, not only to society, but to me personally, that The Avalon posts have provided. Rather like the Flagellates, I have become penitent through torture. And I owe it all to the ‘Mudge.
              I’m *swallows hard* anxious to read more of the insights that Mr. Desert can glean from that titillating media extravaganza.

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        1. Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. Y’all pull out of this circle jerk you’ll realize at least two things in this world are self fulfulling – masturbation (when on the internet mass-turbation) and narcissism. Though similar, they are not the same. One may be used in concert with another. What is that called? Mastercism? Narcibation? Wasted Bandwidth, maybe?

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  2. Ahhhh…from the ashes the Phoenix. You about done with this shit? I can think of maybe a gazillion better things to do with your time than philo wanking. Did you not get that out of your system between 15 and 23?

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        1. So, yeah, “failure” is not an option. Setbacks, hiccups, delays, obstacles seem like more along the Stoic’s vocabulary. But let’s face it, if your your first attempt fails, you can “call” it a setback, but it’s really a bloody failure. A failed step in a long march up the stairs of success.


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