Waiting for the surgeon

So, this guy is laying in a hospital bed waiting in prep for surgery. The nurse comes in and says the surgeon will be two hours late. The IV is in his arm. Everyone is on deck. Two hours to wait.

Does he get pissed? Does he curse the surgeon when he finally shows up? What? And risk an upset doctor? Hell no. I just have to lay here and wait, hungry and bored.

10 thoughts on “Waiting for the surgeon

  1. I hope the rest goes better.
    He could be in emergency surgery with someone else. Or they messed up the schedule and forgot to notify him. I’ve been told to hold my temper because the other person has power over me (i.e. doctor), meh. I would HAVE TO make a comment.

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  2. Okay, that sounds like a living hell…in a place where living considered a serious win. And, I’m sorry, I know shit happens, but two hours!!! I mean, at least have a qualified back-up, or hold off on the I.V. until the doctor is in the building and in route.
    Well, I hope whatever ailed you is no longer and your recovery is swift and as painless as possible.

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