What’s your pain level?

Hell, I don’t know, a three, maybe?

Turns out my imagined pain scale placed my number rather low. I considered a one to be a bee sting and a ten to feel like I was cutting off my own left hand with a rusty hacksaw.

Given such a context, yeah, my pain registered in at a three. Well, apparently my tape measure, pulled from too many movies, belied my actual discomfort. My three is their six. Once we aligned our rulers I finally received relief.

Pain is subjective. How long is a string? How deep your depression? How high your elation?

The surgeon showed up and apologised. Surgery doesn’t always run on time. I’m glad mine did, though.

Thanks for you guys’ kind thoughts.

9 thoughts on “What’s your pain level?

  1. Had that surgery in 2002. One on either side. The surgeon credited my rapid recovery to a (light use) weight machine. He was shit, though, nicked a nerve on my left side. Mine were too big for the laparoscopic approach so I got sliced and the pantyhose wrap. The first 3 days are bad and then it’s pretty much done. I was replacing 2×12 beams on my old deck in Austin in a week. We’ll talk scars sometime. The ones that turn your you dangler into a Chinese elephant.

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    1. I’d have expected some sort of reduction in the pain by now, but it is day three+. It’s the feeling like I’m tearing the flesh as I move that catches my breath. The wounds are painless; for the internal work he must have used a hand-blender.
      Yeah, squinty-eyed troll in my pants now.

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  2. I hope you feel better soon. Personally, I’m allergic to codeine and all its derivatives, and I had abdominal surgery a few years ago with a crap surgeon who just about killed me, then recommended extra strength Tylenol for the pain. It was a nightmare. So when I had another surgery a couple of years ago, I was terrified, but the new guy knew how to manage the pain with other things (gosh, morphine is wonderful) and I couldn’t believe how easy the recovery was. A good surgeon makes all the difference

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    1. Remaining stationary I feel fine. Even the attempt to move sends shrill knives into my groin (double hernia surgery). Surgeon said the pain peaks about day three. Oh joy, that’s today. Thanks for your support.

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