Surgery: post-op follow up

A guy walks into a doctor’s office and says, Hey, I need an operation, will it hurt?

The doc smiles like a Cheshire cat and says, No, no, it’s practically painless. Just a little pinching and discomfort for a few days.

Well, hell, says the guy, sign me up.

Two weeks after the surgery, the guy goes back to the doctor’s office for a look-see by the doctor.

How are you feeling, sir?

Better, finally.

What do you mean…

Well, aside from the tearing and burning and stabbing and hornets and hot match-heads, I’ve finally gotten to the point where I don’t want to hunt you down, strip you and wrap your groin in a bees nest.

Oh, I see. “Well, I’m not going to use you as a poster child for this operation…” — The doctor’s actual words!

Better and better everyday. I might actually be able to walk the stairs now without thinking someone just stuck a needle into my crotch.



3 thoughts on “Surgery: post-op follow up

  1. So this guy walks into a Doctor’s office, no a Taco Bell…No…a gay bar…in Key West and…No. This guy gets his hernias stitched and, no…And now he can’t blow the piss biscuits around in the urinal like he could when he was 16 and when he goes for pressure someone jabs him in the lower abdomen with a redhot poker and…no? Surgery sucks. Rehab sucks. Wisdom is the distance from an event to its understanding. However wisdom does not guarantee future wise choices…

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