WizardEarth: The Forgotten Web

Nearly twenty years ago I decided to create a collaborative writing website where many authors could team together to contribute to writing fan fiction (or whatever).

I called it WizardEarth and I built a whole database and web application to support it. Today, as I dug around The Wayback Machine looking for TomBeingTom’s old page, I happened to enter some of my old domain names and there were these images I’d manufactured, all those years ago, to start the authoring process.

To begin, I’d created four foundational stories. Each was a Harry Potter sequel. I never really got anywhere with it. But I still own the domain WizardEarth.com (empty now).

Jamie Potter and the Ghost of St. Marks
(Jamie was Harry & Jennie’s daughter. Yeah, I figured that those two would get married right after I’d read the 2nd book.)

Lawrence Potter and the Eye of Mistraal.
(Larry was their son.)

Lady Josephine Potter and the Drakar Revolt of 1863.
(Josephine was Harry’s grandmother on his father’s side.)

Sir Leopold Potter and the Starfire Treasure Defense.
(Leopold was Harry’s grandfather on his father’s side.)

6 thoughts on “WizardEarth: The Forgotten Web

  1. Industrious. Cool design – back when you had to do your own graphics and hot spot them. Please tell me you’re NOT one of those, er, uh…um, moderately aged adults I see walking out of the library in Hogwarts University t-shirts…Fan Fiction is right in there, usefulness wise, with muffler bearings and metric crescent wrenches. Unless you are the chosen one who continues on for a deceased but marketable franchise author. And that’s sort of the same kind of creepy as used shoes…

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    1. Not quite as bad as used undergarments. No, I’ve never invested myself in fanfic. I’d intended to. but I think I had at least a dozen projects plus two small kids to occupy my time.
      I’d have worn HP paraphernalia had my children become HP involved. They did not. I suppose I regard JKRowling in a kind light due to her early story. Her struggles and success. Lately, not so much.
      I did run across a fanfic that, if one is an HP fan, must be read: Harry Potter and the Methods of Rationality. I’ve actually read it twice. Imagine Harry, smart. A member of Ravenclaw. And friends with Malfoy. Good story.

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      1. JKR’s story and her work were perfect for the time. And serial/binge fodder that might not have been any grand design but luck and storytelling and a sit com rom com familiar characters environment that feeds that sort of thing. Yeah, kids and work and life put a lot of things on hold. And I’m with you, I hate to hear millionaires whine about the price of success. McCartney keeps it all in perspective. “Never write or record a song you aren’t willing to play every day for the rest of your life.”

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