Random Plot Generator

Here’s a fun gimmick from Reedsy.


Here is the story you generated!

A geoscientist, who is an anarchist. A supercomputer, who is a chatterbox. It’s a post-apocalyptic story about the futility of ambition. It kicks off on Titan with the return of the Black Plague. (Note that: robots are fully sentient in this story.) And there’s a twist! It’s a dystopia.

Here is the story you generated!

A cabbie, who is hypocritical. A clone, who is sometimes rude. It’s an apocalyptic story about a search for identity. It kicks off on a dead star with the looming prospect of zero population growth. (Note that: someone in the story only wants to go home again.) And there’s a twist! There is an accidental bodyswap at one point in the plot.

4 thoughts on “Random Plot Generator

  1. Liek a number of random name generators it hits a wall, or you can spot the short list of content they insert into x and y, but it’s still fun. I use a random name generator on occasion, but I find I’m far better off mixing and matching from movie credits or the list of Doctor’s names from a hospital. Some people use graveyards. Too creepy for me. If you need a plot download the list from Pulp.net and find some characters. Far too writerly for me. I convene a cast meeting and try to keep up.

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  2. This is what I got–what fun!!
    “A geographer, who is terribly incompetent. A student, who can be a stick-in-the-mud.
    It’s a military science fiction story about the folly of eugenics. It kicks off on a dead star with someone returning from a long voyage.
    (Note that: the two opposing galactic empires are the only ones remaining in this story.)
    And there’s a twist! The story is a retelling of a Greek myth.”

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