Magnesium: Movies in my mind

For whatever reason, my wife has decided to perform chemical experiments on me.

Sure, what the hell, YODO right? (you only die once).

Vitamin D is one that I personally know helps with feeling blue. Within hours my mood will crawl its way out from the quagmire it typically slinks within, and upon reflection, I have to admit that I feel better.

Lately she’s been administering a new pill: Magnesium. She says it’s to help me stay asleep while she roams the halls at three am dealing with the cats and her own foibles. Fine, hand it over. Gulp.

Holy shit, what a trip!

The sleeping dreams I’m having are fantastic. They’re cogent and consistent and go on and on. What is normally a spastic-scene slap-together is now a double feature movie. Last night’s had a talking, mathematician newborn whom we somehow acquired. There was this wicked car accident (unwitnessed) which left an old girl friend’s mother hanging from a ledge. When I went to help, I pushed this columnar rock down the chasm, as I recall the image, watching it teeter and tumble amazes me still.

The variety and cinematic treatment is better than virtual reality—I’m there, participating and it’s kick-ass.

“Do you want to keep taking these?” she asks.

Hell, yes!

21 thoughts on “Magnesium: Movies in my mind

  1. Dream diary #2: Spent an entire day in a Chinese restaurant. Absolute time must have been about 20 minutes in the dream.
    • One feature was a gooey rice dish made by coating a cardboard mold with glutenous rice, and then burning the cardboard. This imparted a smokey flavor in the rice which was then shaped into nodules the size and consistency of lacrosse balls. I recommended using a large dessert dish to host the rice spheres to which a tangy & sweet shredded cucumber chimmi-curri was added.
    • The best part was the deep fried wonton which contained savory chicken strips and a Snickers bar: crunchy, rich and oozy.
    • The owner was a beautiful Asian woman and I recall undoing the pearl buttons down the back of her red satin dress. At her neck was a tattoo of a ladybug which looked to be crawling out of her hairline. I never found out what she looked like naked. Curses!

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  2. Sounds more like your micro-dosing LSD. Just read Michael Pollen’s new book, so that’s on my consciousness. Sent you an email. I’ve been hacked. (NSA?) Will continue my story next week or so. Cya then!

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      1. Got hacked. I’m now using a different computer. Question was, when I get a new computer will be able to I automatically log into Googledocs via the links you’ve already emailed me, or do you need to send me the password? I’d hate to lose access to all that work you’ve done. ( Thanks! I’ll be back to my regular schedule in about a week.) Meanwhile, what…you micro-dosing? Those dreams sound lucid!

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        1. If you still have access to your google account, then it doesn’t matter what pc you use. But I see that thus far, you’ve avoided gmail. Maybe now would be a good time to get an account. It makes gdocs all the more powerful.
          I started reading Pollen’s book. My brain has changed. I can’t seem to tolerate drawn out prose about technical details anymore. I enjoyed his others. I did read those years ago, though.

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          1. Typically, yahoo mail is my default. But, with new computer next week, I’ll proceed ahead with gmail. Thanks. Has your brain changed for the better since you started reading Pollen’s book? Or, your brain has changed and you can no longer read drawn out prose?

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            1. It’s a patience thing. I’ve pretty much stopped reading for pleasure. Haven’t picked up a fiction book for more than a year now. I’ve tried. I can’t take bullshit premises anymore.
              With Pollen’s latest, it felt like he was drawing out the research to make the book longer. “Use psychedelic drugs–they’re not bad and are often good for you.” 10 years ago I prolly would have read and enjoyed it. I have a hard time giving a fuck long enough anymore to stick with a book for more than a few chapters.

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              1. Gotcha. If you don’t read for pleasure…then you read for…additional knowledge? Job improvement? Get smarter, get richer? I read the whole book, and, agreed, a bit of a flashback to Timothy Leary, but some new info which I thought was a bit fascinating, and certainly interesting developments getting psychedelics approved for medical use first…taking the MJ route. So if you’re not reading for pleasure…whatcha reading?


  3. I saw something about burritos and the Dutch Oven. However – try some L-Theanine with that Mag. Maybe even some L- Arginine. And the ad underneath for magnesium infused body butter? Um…But yeah. Add a zinc/copper combo to that D3 in the morning and the bluebird will sit on your shoulder and sing.

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          1. Turkey is involved in the often ensuing hangover following a Thanksgiving meal. But not because of tryptophan. It’s because of a different kind of nutrient in turkey — read the article “Tryptophan For Sleep: One Of The Good Natural Sleeping Aids?” by Rolf Hefti

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