Writer’s Log: 2140

Writing is caring.

Writing is, above all, work. But in order to write you have to care, care enough to put pen to paper. Care enough about your characters, your story to do them justice—to write them real.

But if you don’t care, about anything, that’s a problem.

Plato’s Chariot: Appetite and Spirit reined by Reason

Recently, in a comment to TomBeingTom, I exposed a thought I’ve held for some time: of the concept of contextual layers of personal belief, (or disbelief).

Currently, myself and our Desertcurmudgeon appear to be psychologically dwelling in the outer-most context of the Absurd Universe where all things are meaningless. This setting represents the absolute and final stage of the philosophical interpretation of existence: All Is For Nought.

Recent correspondence between he and I have briefly explored this theory with an underlying current that attempts to retreat from this the Existential Edge. And that’s the crux of this thought. Somehow, if we’re to exist at all, we must forgo the beating of death’s drum, pull back into the light of some meaning, any meaning, to which we can grasp.

If I want to write, that is, learn to write well and practice the art, I need to find some means to divert my eyes from the constant nihilistic allure of the Absurd Universe.


I just read a Smithsonian article about Jack London. The man lived like a champion and died at forty years of age. 40! And accomplished a dozen life-times of adventure and writing. Wow, what a remarkable man. I wonder what he believed in? Deep in the Klondike winter of 1898, did he contemplate the Absurd Universe? What meaningful ideology did he adopt that drove him to seize life as he did? (Thumos?)

Clearly, residing here in the outer valence shell of the atom that is the Universe is no way to live. Contracting one’s belief system back a level, perhaps two, is a deed that must be done to allow any kind of fulfillment or enjoyment in this life. However, divesting too many philosophical layers would lower one into the throes of theology, surely not a level any rational human would accept.

But a layer or two would be nice. Back to some practical stratum where I can ignore the nagging Absurdity and focus on caring about the characters I’d like to write about.


6 thoughts on “Writer’s Log: 2140

  1. What a grand idea! Yes, if we want to crush the nature of our existence, we can. And I’ll bet we’re smart enough around here to do it well! The flip side of that is being naive enough (I suppose is the word) to bury our insight behind the proverbial wool and become the sheep of god(s). We ain’t got that in us. What we have got, and what we can do, is paint that meaning on that canvas enough to suit our needs. I find meaning in my golden dogs, in a Rams victory, in suds with buds on Sunday morns (and, this week, Saturday night), in the RPG the missus and I have been running together since 1993, on putting my thoughts to words, and on a hundred dozen other little things. Meaning? It is not but one thing. But it is everything!

    Good post. Good thoughts. 👍

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  2. Of course life has no meaning! That’s something to laugh about. But wait! Get hit by a truck and live…and you’ll find meaning quite quickly! Get injured, get sick, feel pain…oh yeah, life has meaning. To live! To breathe! To witness! Of course Curmudge is going to “bum you out.” But I’ve read a lot of his philosophical posts…yet I agree and find it highly amusing. So, think life has no meaning? Go drop a hammer on your toe.

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