Dear Mudge, Giving Thanks

Dear Mudge,

The corptocracy hijacked holiday, Thanksgiving, is nearly upon us. Is Black Friday now the celebration and not the humble acknowledgment that our prosperity stems from both luck and the hard work of ourselves and those around us? Do we now give thanks for Amazon Prime? One of conscience must feel sickened by such cultist display: the tribe of greed and avarice. How to combat this distasteful trend? More on that below.

Oh, ‘Mudge, politics & religion are two subjects that are rarely discussed here. I’ll admit, I have recently been watching Rachel Maddow and delight in her delight. She just can’t stop smiling these days. But the way of things, the indefensible, dogmatic loyalty to that reprehensible IBI (incoherent bloviating imbecile) In Chief, and the backward-thinking, blind-eye behavior of that ancient tortoise leading the Senate makes me feel like I’m witnessing an agonizingly slow train wreck: the demise of democracy.

All things pass. I suspect this one will too. What the U.S. will look like on the other side of being shat through the ass of that Asshole, who’s to know.


I’m learning about Thumos. It’s an ancient Greek term which has no equivalent in the English language. I’d relate it as being the spirit of pursuing self-honor, where head and heart align. I’d qualify the discussion of such terms in that they can only now be freely debated as we’ve identified the N-1 philosophical belief layer and have decided to exist here, at least for the time being. I’d care to know your feelings on this assumption.

In your appeal to choose a pursuit post-fantasy, and having lit upon delivering kindness, I say, why the hell not. There’s so much godawful misery in this world, if you pull-off a Valentine Smith and succeed? (Even in attempting to be kind, would you not also succeed?) At least you’d have found your Thumos and that, in and of itself, is a noble feat.

How can I help?


I leave you with this: Sans stone, silicon is a metalloid into which, I would submit, we are etching our legacy. So, with keyboard-hammer and chisel-like wit we’ll leave our marks upon the box canyon walls of the internet.

Were you to enjoin your altruistic ideal and spread compassion, and this coming Thursday may provide you an initial step, volunteering at some banquet supporting the disenfranchised and dispossessed, you may also leave a legacy of kindness. And that would be an honorable pursuit, indeed.


14 thoughts on “Dear Mudge, Giving Thanks

                1. Professionalism in the creative and grumpy old man coincide in a confluence of low bullshit behavior threshold and unrealistic expectations. Fun is fun. Fun is serious. Fun is work. What happens when I see wanking in the creative process I want to send whoever it is, myself included, to the woodshed. Which is crazy because everyone with a chisel isn’t Michelangelo, a piano Beethoven. My belief is that well, maybe we aren’t, but if we’re going to burn time we should at least aspire to stay in the same room with them. As a peace offering, stay in the room with this. 4 – count them, four parts with two hands.

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  1. Black Friday has become a month-long thing, now, for us in retail. It’s insane, but as a commission-based happy smiler it feeds the coffers to overfill every November now. Yay me. But, in all things retail, the greater the inflow the greater the number of what we call issues. I am, as we speak, on the verge of ruining two Thanksgivings. Things backorder, don’t you know? Shop early.

    That we are etching our legacies on electronic stones is a concept I can wrap my growing brain around. I’ll drink to that later. 🍻

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