Dear Mole, La-De-Da


First, leximize is a superb word in serious need of official entry into the lexicon.  It’s timely, too, since it seems that every year since the mid-90s has seen Merriam-Webster beaten into submission to add internet-related non-words into its formerly esteemed publication, which I believe is the very definition of your newly-coined masterword.

I finally remembered something this morning that made me feel silly for having wallowed in amnesiac depression and disgust these past few weeks: consciousness.  Arguably, the only concept still completely elusive to scientific theory and experimentation due to the fact that the very consciousness that tries to grasp it is it, thus we always grasp in the wrong place because we are incapable of doing otherwise.

Worry not: this doesn’t re-open the doors of spiritual metaphysics; just plain old run-of-the-mill physics will suffice here.  To my mind, there is only one philosophical question left that’s worth pondering: do we create the phenomenal world with our consciousness or vice versa?  This is enormously significant because if it turns out to be the former, then I do not have the right to complain about a single goddamn thing.  If the very creation of my (our) own consciousness rubs me the wrong way, I’d say the problem lies purely in perception, specifically my perception.

My adolescent mind was strikingly similar to that of the young Alvy Singer in the movie Annie Hall; mildly depressive, doubtful and precociously cynical.  I haven’t changed much in 50 years and I think this might have something to do with the habitual orientation of my perception.  In other words, if happiness is truly my aim, then I am the only one that can bring it about and the only tool I need is my own mind.

By the way, yesterday, I noticed that Notes From The Avalon was getting an inordinate number of views from Canada.  Then my follower count went up by 1, as someone new had registered via e-mail.  I tracked the e-mail address back to the Facebook page with which it was associated and found that it came from a small company that offers acting classes.  The owner and CEO?  The beautiful Robyn Ross, a/k/a Brooke:


It’s not Deadpool, I know, but I’ll take it!  See that?  I told you there was a method to my madness.




21 thoughts on “Dear Mole, La-De-Da

    1. Bookmarked! Looks like it may be right up my alley. Once I’ve had a chance to explore it further, I’ll let you know my impressions. I just received a VERY long, detailed e-mail from Filth Pig chock full of interesting insider information about Fifteen. Still trying to mentally unpack all of that and decide what to do with it.

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    1. Ha! No, I was comparatively easy on Brooke and I’m relieved about that. However, two days later, I received a direct message from the actor that played “Filth Pig”. I put up a temporary post about it on NFTA because he has a great sense of humor and was a very good sport, even referring to himself as “filth pig” in his message!

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    1. Sound advice in almost every situation but this one. My silly blog dedicated to a Nickelodeon soap has been completed for a few months now, but it took a little time for former cast members of the show to start finding it. This week, both Robyn Ross, who was a main cast member, and another guy who never had any lines that I dubbed “Filth Pig” in my posts found it, and the authenticity of both are pretty well confirmed. Mind you, it’s a very large linguistic stretch to consider these people “celebrities”, so this really isn’t as unlikely as I like to make it seem, but it’s still funny considering how relentlessly harsh I was about all aspects of the show.

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      1. I did artist relations/product specialist for years (read that as corporate musician). I know the fine line often blurred by press releases between authenticity and celebutantes. However the fact that they are looking for themselves like snail trails on the internet id telling, eh? Good work.

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        1. Celebutantes – fantastic. And regarding friend farming, if I were naive enough to think that Ryan Reynolds (who starred in Fifteen as a child) might also one day comment upon my blog, I think that would definitely qualify. But if Deadpool did miraculously show up there, that would be freaking awesome. Regardless, I keep my expectations low.

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  1. “I’d say the problem lies purely in perception, specifically my perception.”
    Nelson Mandela and Gandhi would probably agree. Prison has apparently been the making of some special people.
    People born with a silver spoon in the mouth would probably also agree. After all, it saves them going through such character forming experiences.
    But don’t we all know that our mental attitude to situations makes all the difference. The difficulty lies in transcending the habitual ones that were formed in early years.
    I could go on…

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  2. Mudge: Now you have someone who is someone following you. That is cool…but watch out…what you write may turn up as dialogue in a woody-Allen like sit-com. I don’t think what is written here is truly copyrighted.

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    1. If anyone is violating copyrights, it’s me with that entire blog page. I got no permission to duplicate the dialogue or the photos from the show, yet those things are the very backbone of the whole deal. Were someone to copy my — style of copying, I guess? — I’d be flattered.

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    1. Subconsciously, I’m guessing that your Stewie The Stoic series is what made me think these back and forth letters would be an interesting endeavor. And thanks for adding a link NFTA in my last post — as this is your blog, I didn’t think such self-promotion would be appropriate coming from me.

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      1. To that topic, feel free to unleash alternative topics here if you so desire. All the “Dear…” I’ll be classifying as Absurd Universe so that they show up under that header topic. Other threads can use other categories, or not, your prerogative. (I’m sure you already know, but that cactus there signifies your participation here. Were others to express interest, we might include them, provided they maintain the exquisitely high quality threshold (smile).)

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        1. That last line almost sounded like it was delivered sarcastically — but compared to most of the crap out there, this really is of exquisitely high quality! Any and all topics are cool — for some reason, I enjoy writing about stuff in this format (your page, no pressures) that I’ve washed my hands of on my own page.

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