Writer’s Log: 2144

Phil Huston says, “Let your characters speak. Let them tell the story. Tune into the Cosmic Radio and dictate their words.”

Many authors admit, that to write a story, a full and complete story, you must write swiftly, get it out and down on the page before you move on to other endeavors. Why?

Because, how many characters can you hold in your head? Could you possibly tell three or five tales, simultaneously, every one exposing fantastical entities speaking to you in tongues? No. To tell a tale, you must tell only one at a time. Verisimilitude can only be applied One-Story-At-A-Time, at-a-time, at-a-time…

So, that’s the trick. I’m no Sybil, and so, as I write, I can only maintain the authenticity of a few fabricated folks within my mind.

To honor both Phil’s Philosophy and the general advice of writers everywhere I must keep to my structure, maintain discipline to detail, pick one and only one story and apply myself.


I wish it were that simple.

It must be a curse. I know it’s a curse. These virtual people, who cry out at the wall that I’ve built around the connective node that winds down from my imagination to these fingers, they plead with me, “Tell my story,” they shout.

Ah, but if only I could. Alas, I’m transfixed to the cork board of existence by a pin named mortality. I have only so much time and energy to be released upon any of you. Therefore, only a few will make it. I’m sorry.


21 thoughts on “Writer’s Log: 2144

  1. ‘It must be a curse. I know it’s a curse. These virtual people, who cry out at the wall that I’ve built around the connective node that winds down from my imagination to these fingers, they plead with me, “Tell my story,” they shout.’ – Yes, this happens to me all the time, they won’t shut up, they do plead, so I have to just shout ‘Get in the queue like everyone else!’ Though it isn’t an orderly queue at all to be fair, more a heaving mass, the winner makes it through the gate next, yet despite all the mayhem they are all related. As you say, we are only mortal (technically Esme is semi-mortal as she’s over 400 years old but won’t be around all that much longer), it’s tough but there you go.

    – Esme sending felicitations from upon the Cloud

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    1. Felicitations received. Salutations and good cheer sent in reply.
      I suppose the sad part of these characters tales is that now that I feel I can actually tell them with some aplomb, my time has become ever more constrained. So winnows the queue. Thanks for the comment.

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  2. Characters drop in. Old ones. New ones! On occasion an entire ensemble will fail to produce a strong lead. All the characters and all their stories…write hot. The pulp guys say that a lot. Real pros, it hits the page damn close so editing cold is a brush out, next story. Formula XXVI.
    Unfinished this or that being interrupted by a character showing up with a story they need to get out is pretty common in my world. Total immersion in a project, okay, if you have the luxury of locking the door for a while, no questions, no gig, no money concerns. Otherwise they come as they will, like real life, strolling through your brain like an office full of people you’d rather know than the ones you do.

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    1. I’m trying to don a mass of character cloaks with rejoining this ShadowShoals story. I had them once in my mind. Trying to regain who whey are as dynamic people? Damn hard now.
      Write Hot. Yeah. Like Lord Byron in his opium dream, disturbed by a knock at the door, never to finish the story. (Or something like that.)


              1. “But criticism, he believed, could be far more valuable than praise.” Yeah, okay…just read the link, then book marked it for a re-read. Will also read “Leaves of Grass.” Thanks bud, appreciate it.

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  3. There is literally no such thing as multi-tasking. Those who claim to do so fail to understand that only one thing at a time can be focused upon and thus, they’re probably more heedless and sloppy than most. I know I’ve been one of those voices clamoring for you to finish some pieces, but that’s just because I’m a fan, not because I don’t understand the frustration inherent in the writing process.

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