8 thoughts on “Apocalyptic Scenario 1.a

  1. It was fun to read; fitting for the time of year. It reminded me of Zamyatin’s We, and then Robinson Crusoe which I recently finished reading, with the keeping track of the calendar.

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  2. Hi A. Mole,

    Got to say, it sounded great! Could it be that your words need to be put in a play for actors? Have you written a play for the stage? If not, you might think about it. Anyway, good writing and it came alive with the reading. Thanks. Duke

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    1. Thank you Duke. And thanks to Brian for his effort. I do like his voice. A stage play? A curious thought. When I wrote my first novel it was suggested that I write a screenplay to accompany it — out of the box. A two for one deal.
      I’ll have to think on that. Thanks for the spur.


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