Writer’s Log: 2184 Writer’s Workshop 2

Yep, I’m organizing another workshop; getting together a bunch of folks who’ll have me drone on about this or that. I’ve already received numerous, secondary submissions which I’ve edited. Sheesh, to endure this whole thing a second time? Writers!

Albeit, I’ve created another slide deck to dazzle them:
GDocs to the rescue
(Realize, this deck is meant to spur discussion, not complete it. Feel free to share your corrections/comments, this is a community effort after all.)

We will have additional material to pick apart as I include some external content. There’s this guy, a real annoying guy, a writer, who drills me with email promotion nonsense daily. However, he’s got some damn solid things to say. So, I included them as, hell the more fodder you throw at the novice writer the more chance something sticks. Just look at me and the onslaught I endured to get even this far.

I also sprinkled in C.S.Lakin’s twelve pillars. Okay, I admit I’ve got that list plastered as a background on my home PC. Really, really. Concept with a kicker? Fuck me Alex, that is like the circus tent pole holding up the universe; the turtle crawling about the nothingness carrying about the cosmos encrusted on his shell. You think you can just sit and write a story — without grounding it in a solid foundation of myth and mystery? You can’t.

Some good will come of all of this, even if nobody “graduates” from my school for the delusional. What might that good be? I’ve learned a shit-ton just researching and attempting to presume I might have a thing or two to pass on. Teachers must all die wise, don’t you think?


13 thoughts on “Writer’s Log: 2184 Writer’s Workshop 2

  1. Honestly, after going through the slides, this workshop of yours sounds like the only creative writing class of which I’m aware that isn’t complete bullshit. Somehow you manage to make some crucial points while keeping it loose enough to encompass the specific creative style of anyone reading it. Most would-be writing instructors fail to dance that fine line.

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    1. Thanks, ‘Mudge.
      This is me winging it, thinking I can delude myself long enough to fool a gullible bunch of folks too polite to tell me I’m full o’ shit.

      One of the participants is, however, taking to heart much of what I laid out in Lesson One. Her reworked examples show immediate understanding of the simple fiction mechanics we discussed. I’m sure I didn’t embrace and internalize a third of what she’s been able to do. It’s good to see my efforts not gone to waste.

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