Drive-in, Drive-thru, Drive-by

Is the Drive-In phenomena set to return?



We all feel safe in our cars right? Shuffle from the house or apartment, touch nothing along the way, open the door with gloves or steri-wipes and snuggle into your coronavirus free automobile. Then “Where to tonight kids?”

“To the movies!”

Or to the drive-thru eatery, the drive-thru bank, pharmacy or daiquiri fill-em-up station.

Are we about to experience a resurgence in service-by-auto establishments? Drive-in doctors? Drive-in dentists? We’ve got drive-by grocery pickup, dry-cleaning (though why anyone would dry-clean stay-at-home bathrobes?), and drive-by postal exchange.

Will there be sterilization services? Guys with hazmat suits spraying bleach from power-washers to destroy all contagions from the outside of your car before you attempt to drive it into your garage?

What else can we access from the safety of our wheeled bio-capsules?


11 thoughts on “Drive-in, Drive-thru, Drive-by

  1. With the new wi-fi/bluetooth tech we won’t even need those old, clunky speakers … the sound will be transmitted straight into our car. But BYOP, we don’t want you getting out of your car, or having someone else touch your food.

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  2. Here we come on the run with a burger on a bun and a dab of coleslaw on the side! Oh, your taste we will tickle with a cold dill pickle and all of our potatoes are French fried, fried, fried! Our burgers can’t be beat because we grind our own meat – grind, grind, grind, grind, grind! If Fred Flintstone and Barney Rubble think they’re not in a lot of trouble, they’re out of they’re mind, mind, mind, mind, minds!

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