14 thoughts on “Apocalyptic Scenario 8.b

  1. So are you and George and Shatara going to hold hands and sing Kumbaya, teach the world to sing in perfect harmony? In Hollywood pirate meets Yoda dialog?
    I like the Google Docs embed. I REALLY liked the Syf reference, as “Syph” will turn the brain into swiss cheese. And the old guy about to get taken out, or get human take out would be great by an aging Sean Connery or Eastwood in a masked singer costume. Like Terry Bradshaw’s Deer with extra appendages. Seriously.
    Honestly, why can’t they whizz off a line in Poc-eze and translate it? Foonblat rattled off a retort. “Gwar fen doodle upsnot lawngreen?”
    “Because if I fart I’ll start dropping eggs, and then what? And YOU can drop the dialect, Phffft, this is no time for the Qwerztarts communication rules.”

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    1. Thanks for reading. I’m just not feeling the vibe lately, but I wanted to throw another Apocaporn in the mix. I don’t subscribe to aliens, but thought a ADFoster or Piers Anthony’esque might be entertaining to write. Turns out it wasn’t.

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      1. Aye. And to be fair nor foul methinks wasted time was again spent. Sooner two beers and tomorrow later time be gone and shown be as naught for all.
        Now I DO like foreigners who puzzle in English. I have a Frencj woman who does it intentionally. And I would say fair Moreno plays the pretty Mex girl more than is one.

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      2. Hey. Step back into those vignettes you wrote around Christmas one year. The bag lady, the kids on bikes, scenes. Write. Scenes. Drop, Pirate -ese. Don’t stoop to contrivance unless it’s almost invisible. Just. Write.

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