COVID Survivors Arise

The vaccine has failed. Only exposure, infection, and survival can enable future immunity.

Those testing positive for antigens of COVID-19 can get a special virus-tainted-ink ‘C’ tattooed on their wrist proving they’ve survived the virus. These, and only these folks will be allowed to congregate in large numbers and attend ‘C’ validated sporting and entertainment events.

C-bars and restaurants will open. C-trains, buses, ferries, stores and airlines will exclusively cater to COVID survivors.

All non-exposed will be forced to live in the shadows, begging from the ‘C’ people, thinking it better to risk infection and possible death than to live an ostracized life.

Fake ‘C’ tattoos will be dealt with immediate injection with the virus.

Survivors have begun to experience strange dreams of a distant, other-world.

Communication has begun.

The COVID-AllMind is born.

[Cite: Akira (George F.) + Michael Crichton’s Andromeda Strain + Outbreak + dozens of memes throughout the years.]

19 thoughts on “COVID Survivors Arise

  1. Okay, I dropped into Goog Docs left you a message or two. Thanks. My latest post, “Abandoning science” is my sloppiest yet…but my compulsion is to vomit the story forth then pick, chose, discard, polish, finish. And I chose the word vomit as an apt description of my process. BTW, you writing classes at work have been put on hold since you’re social distancing…or are you continuing via teleconference of some sort?

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    1. Didn’t you get a zombie parakeet?
      And you have all those zombie clocks…
      And that ghost that lives in your house…
      Are you sure you want more stupersnachural?


      1. Well, I’ve never owned a bird, zombified or otherwise, and the ghost has never tried to eat my brain. Remember that rallying cry of the revolution: If I can’t have zombies, I don’t want to be part of your apocalypse.

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        1. [Bird: was referring to your recent story.]

          Alright already, I’ll order up some zombies for ya. They won’t be the rabid kind, fast moving and vicious. They’ll have to be the geriatric kind with snotty noses and dry coughs. You should be able to dispatch them with a rug-beater or old apricot wood driver.

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          1. Yes, I know lol–poor Budgie! But a zombie bird would be terrifying, all tangled up in your hair and trying to eat your head! And as long as I can run faster than the old Typhoid Marys, I’ll be happy:-)

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  2. This is probably a story that turns out to be a prophecy. I think I’m either a non-C or a C with very few symptoms. I sneezed, farted, coughed, throat got sore and temperature went up then the next day okay. I wonder if nature is screwing with me? Great post. I’m paying attention.

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    1. If the “confirmed” are one million, then the unconfirmed are at least three million and growing. Now, when will they, as a group, decide they don’t want to shelter in place anymore? They’re cured, have run the gauntlet, can return to “revitalize the economy.” Will they see this continued curfew and quarantine as fair?

      I’m kidding of course, but there may be backlash, eventually, from those who are newly immune.

      Thanks for “paying attention.” (smile)

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      1. I think there will be a reckoning of sorts. Once the shock wears of and we realize how deep the incompetence has rooted in world bodies like the UN and WHO, in world leaders, and governments, we’ll want to sort this out.

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          1. I can only imagine what a production we would make of that. Of course, if we follow a good bureaucratic process it could take a long time, like 7 seasons of Game of Thrones. Dang! That would make an addict out of me. There isn’t enough beer and snacks production to keep us all going.

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  3. Cool you mentioned me and could see the direction I’m headed…thank you, but as you know I (we) have a long way to go. Your tattoos, of course, are reminiscence to the concentration camps…and you’re not far off. The Covid-AllMind. Great tag! May I borrow or use something similar? Kinda captures the thought in two words. Also, another movie and book, which you might have mentioned to me first: “The Girl with all the Gifts.” Read it about a year ago, and now it’s on Netflix. The Zombie apocalypse is upon us!

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  4. Hi A.Mole,

    Leprosy and HIV were the dry runs. The social distinctions will be different for C, but we will find a way to make the non-Cs feel like shit. You are very right about the vaccine. Who can guarantee it will work? Answer, nobody. I’m afraid this one is going to change just about everything for a few years. On the bright side, I’m rereading all of my RCarver and AChekhov. Those two were glued at the hip. Thanks. Duke

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