United States Postal Service

The USPS is a service.

A utility really. A vast network of delivery agents, offices, machines and infrastructure. Delivering the mail, packages and such is like delivering water or electricity or natural gas. It’s a Public Utility.


And, as a Public Utility the service of mail and package delivery should be executed, governed and controlled by a public entity.

The USPS should subsume Federal Express, United Parcel Service, and the other delivery services. Hell, just look at the names of those other “corporate” entities: FEDERAL Express? UNITED Parcel Service? They’re practically already government services.

There’s no need for such a service as the delivery of the mail or packages to be a competition. Corporations should not be in charge of such a utility as the delivery of goods from point A to point B. The USPS was created to do exactly this. But today, the USPS is under the gun as its contractual obligations to its employees runs afoul of its ability to compete in what should NOT be a competitive market place.

Next Day Air is just that. Two Day Delivery the same. There should be just the one entity that performs this service, at a publicly decided price. Period.

That glass of water you just poured, or the kilowatt of electricity you just consumed are both delivered, managed and priced by a Public Utility.

And so should mail and package delivery.



6 thoughts on “United States Postal Service

  1. Conceptually sound but the (personal) truth is that USPS sucks at a lot higher percentage than it’s competition. UPS, FedEx get stuff where it’s going (for me) with far more regularity than USPS. Filed a lost parcel claim with USPS lately? Pray you shipped it, or it was shipped to you by a major corporation or through somebody with some weight. It doesn’t matter if it’s perfume or a synth modeule, small box or an Aggie garden hose box, they’ll lose it. They can’t get a “Hope Ya Feel Better” candy care package or a shaker of home smoked pepper from Dallas to Oklahoma City. Ship something with an “insured’ label to Oakland and kiss it goodbye. The Post Office “UPS” their game, yeah. And I understand that like naughty pastors, every religion has them. USPS has an unacceptably high ratio.
    If I wanted a ballot or a tax return to get where it was supposed to go or service on any item shipped or mailed I’d call anybody BUT the USPS.

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  2. Maybe the government attempt to privatize it is exactly to prevent ballots being mailed out—just a thought. We have Canada Post up here and it’s a federal entity as well. It survives because all the other services contract out to it for package delivery. It’s very efficient, especially for those of us in small towns.

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  3. Yeah. Gov’t is trying to break USPS to privatize it, raise rates, get their hands on the retirement funds, seize the profits. Good luck getting your ballot delivered in November if it’s privatized by then.

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