Dear Mole: Kickin’ It


You’re too kind, Sir, but your enthusiastic promotion of my little attempt at writing a soap opera is very much appreciated.

And you are correct: Fifty is officially in the can. I don’t do sales, especially when the commodity is me. Aside from the sock puppet performance, anything more than that is officially out of my hands. Perhaps a certain current Riverdale cast member will set some wheels in motion since that show, like most shows, is presently on COVID-hiatus. And I happen to know that she happens to know the real man behind the Deadpool mask, so who knows?

Moving on. My brain has been pleasantly quiet of late. That means it hasn’t bothered itself with concerns about a next project…or a next anything, really. It’s a relaxing place to be. But if I were unprepared to play along with that theme, I probably wouldn’t have started writing this reply. To that end, here’s a little visual aid:

Curmudgeon’s Lifetime Bucket List

X          Write a soap opera

X          Write a memoir

X          Watch Breaking Bad from start to finish

X          Quit drinking

X          Quit dating

X          Get a dog

X          Move to New Mexico

__         Eat a bug

Woah! I didn’t realize I was already this far along. Gotta run — off to search for a tasty-looking bug.


13 thoughts on “Dear Mole: Kickin’ It

        1. Ooh, very good point! But the odds of Fifty turning into something more than that just increased exponentially. Robyn Ross asked me to send her the entire story in a Word doc sans all the pictures, etc. so she could forward it to John Binkley, the show’s creator. And forward it she did. I simultaneously hope he loves it and never visits the actual blog where I was so vicious towards him with my mockery.

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    1. Finding an appetizing bug is harder than you might think. School is going good, thanks. Well, grade-wise, it’s going good, but this whole “I’m going to school” thing is really just another way of kicking the “get a job” can down the road for at least another 6 months.

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  1. There are certain similarities to writing a soap opera and living through a pandemic. “Field Hospital in Central Park” Or perhaps “As the Toilet Paper Rolls” or “All my PPE”

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