Time for a cruise?

Cruise ship zombie crews

come drifting ashore.


The cruise industry is dead. Nearly 100 massive cruise ships are anchored around the world, still full of crew who are trapped with no way to disembark save to swim.

What do you do with a fleet of abandoned floating hotels?

Connect ’em in a circle and SeaStead? Waterworld anyone? Run ’em up upon the reefs in Tonga and Kiribati? Floating laboratories? Prisons?

If there was every an industry so tenuously poised at the end of exorbitant spending, this is it.

P.O.S.H.? Ha!

T.R.A.S.H maybe: Terrified Rabid Adults Seething Hysterically.

5 thoughts on “Time for a cruise?

  1. When you say dead, do you mean DEAD? Cuz, I mean, how long before we collectively trust such mostly frivolous and now dangerous adventures to set sail again, and how long after that until people individually decide to go along? Will there be cruise ships again?

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  2. Know a couple of people who worked entertainment on cruise ships. One has skin cancer, another has no idea how to live on land. He’d store his gear in someone’s garage, house sit, couch surf or get a short lease until his next nine or ten months out.

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