Apocalyptic Scenario 1.b

Continuing the theme…

See the above menu item ApocaPorn for clues as to where this fits in the scheme of things.

This one takes a formatting side spur, as an experiment: no dialog quotes.

Note: you can always launch the iframe into another tab if you like for a better reading experience.

13 thoughts on “Apocalyptic Scenario 1.b

  1. I managed to log only fifteen hours of writing last month.” Strangely, I find the more valuable my time is, (busy with nonsense) the MORE I can “make time’ to write. When I have nothing but time on my hands, I “thought” I would dedicate myself and write everyday. But, not! I concluded I was reinventing my past by creating “artificial deadlines” for me to meet…making my writing seem so critical, so important…I just “had” to get it done before I ran out the door to take on the endless “to do” list. So hearing you say you couldn’t get any writing done during your down time was somewhat eye opening to. Hope all is well. That as a good post!

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    1. I knew there was a continued synchronicity.

      It’s like when ask me to do myself a favor and: read this, watch that, try this recipe, experience this phenomena — all I want to do is the opposite.
      “Go see this movie: You’re gonna luv-it.”
      Nope. Not even gonna put it on my possible’s list.
      I’m just a contradictory fuck-head, I guess.

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  2. Writing great. My ability to jump from one part to the other is not so great. I am having a hard time keeping things straight even when things are presented through time. Eager to see how it all comes together.

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    1. Thanks Suzanne.
      These vignettes are helpful in further honing my nascent style. Knowing you find them compelling helps me realize I’m on the right track.
      I don’t know about you but I’ve got way too many WIPs. The last of which is considering creating an anthology of ApocaPorn (with illustrations!) Got to pick one and get ‘er done.

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  3. Most excellent. Pathos, ethos, edgy. Depth and range. Quite telling in places. Post Modernists applaud.
    “Entangling myself further,”- Stop that. Once and for all. Don’t even let that Davism hit the screen. Starting a sentence with a modifier for an action yet to be exposed is, hear this software math man, ill-freaking-logical, like to the max, dude.
    I wrap my arms with the line, further entangling myself as I inch (adverb if desired) forward.
    Very cool conceptually. A once or twice over will rock it. It already smokes most of the dystopia anthology short stuff anywhere out there.

    There’s further commentary about hangin’ with the fringe, but I’ll leave that on the table. Because you’re writing, Mofo, going deep, and that’s the ticket.

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    1. “But I’m trapped in the line. Entangling myself further, I wrap my arms while inching forward. ”
      — Yes, inside out, again.

      There must be a clue in this specific instance I can use as a trigger… Result or implication presented before the action or activity that produces it.

      Your: “Starting a sentence with a modifier for an action yet to be exposed is, hear this software math man, ill-freaking-logical, like to the max, dude.”

      … trying to burn that pattern into my alert system…


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      1. If a sentence starts with an ing stop it on the way out. Unless it isn’t compound in any way. Singing is fun. Fun can be found in singing. There, it makes more sense to go with #1. Singing a sweet lullaby, I walked down the hall straightening pictures and dusting. See what your brain does to fix that? You can do it with one ing. Find the primary action (walked) that drags everything along in logical sequence. There are any number of ways. Don’t get caught up in that, write first, go back and face palm on the things need fixin’.
        FYI, those gone down as publishable in B markets. I read a Mack Bolan serial not long ago riddled with them. And boy are they speed bumps. You’re reading along, la dee da, bam, your brain is putting a backward sentence together.

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  4. Hi A. Mole,

    As a couple of veterans, I think we both look for the unexpected. I found it in your new post. Not in the way you might think. Here is how: back when I played poker, I would sometimes fold hands that might have won, and bet on hands that normally would lose. I kept track. The money was not so important, it was the idea. I once was involved in an economic gaming experiment at a university. I always did the opposite of what economic theory taught. That was my strategy. At the end of each session, there was a reward in dollars. I did well. In my professional career, I made it part of my interactions to always befriend the least well connected, the poorest, the most disadvantaged in a community. The social path I walked due to this conscious effort, was often remarkable and led me to places I could have never imagined. I had to do the other stuff as well, but I gained more from entertaining the opposite. Which brings me to your post. I read it backward. Not word for word, but rather the last sentence and then the next to last sentence and so forth. I found that I had to focus intently. After a while, the poetry of your conversations and scenes began to emerge. The difference between fleshing out the story and the poetry of the story became striking. I absorbed more of the imagery than the narrative line. When I finished, I was able to recall individual passages and lines very clearly. I am still mulling over a few. I have a feeling for the work, that I don’t think I would have attained had I read it normally. So I have taken one of your posts and elevated it in my mind. I had to work at it, but after a few lines, it became fun. It was a puzzle or sorts and the faces of the characters slowly came together. Anyway, I thought you might appreciate what I did. Like I always say, it is not the writing that is important, it is the reading. Thanks. Duke

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    1. Fascinating, Duke.
      I’ll have to clear my mind and try that on this piece.

      I too tend to gravitate to the odd or out-of-sorts type of individuals or groups. It’s as if I’m intentionally rejecting popularity. Actually, there’s no “as if” in that at all. I reject all popular things or people or locations or whatever, on purpose and with intent (although what that intent might be, I’m not sure.)
      I have a substantial portion of self-spite. I don’t know why.

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