Covid Haiku

Virus spreads with song.
Breathe deep the gathering doom.
Watch lights fade to dark.


Children gaze in vain.
Orange wrapped the playground sits.
Elders tut in masks.


Millennials taunt.
Years must pass to threaten us.
Oblivion grins.


Essential, food is.
Power, water, light are gifts.
Sacrificed as debt.


Roll the dice, eyes closed.
Venture out to risk supplies.
Hitchhikers return.


Years will pass, the same.
Forever changed, our lives are.
Stranger! Trust no one.


13 thoughts on “Covid Haiku

  1. My heart skips a beat
    What if I die alone today
    So much unfinished

    So much yet to do
    So many people are just so lost
    How to bring them home

    Much love is needed
    Clearing away centuries of rot
    Bringing light to all

    Your voice is needed
    Your humanity so vital
    Your words so clearly true

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  2. Nice nod to the Moodys. God knows I love poetry. A very wise person once told me to write poetry, fine, go back and “expunge”, I still remember that, every glue word. The, of, time or stasis (was were be to). It was all very dramatic. “The tiny words, have no meaning. The words of poetry”, she swung, missed my nose by an inch, “must punch you in the face. It is the only way they will touch your heart.”
    Adaptable to the short description of characters.

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      1. Masked elders tut. There is little difference in Hammett and MacDonald character descripts and good haiku. A large man, pink, rubbery, reeks and drips a cologne of over chlorinated pool water. Clean it up it’s poetry. Oh well. There is a good one in there about does your ass cry into sheets of off brand tissue, bemoaning the dearth of Charmin.

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