Search? You mean Find?

When was the last time you paged to the 2nd list of results in a Google Search?


If the answer you seek is not either item #1 or #2 do you give up? Search differently? Try #3?

How many of you skip the first result item intentionally, to deny that resource the satisfaction of being numero uno? Oh, you think your so smart, do you? Well, fuck you!

Do you actually use DuckDuckGo or DuckGoGo or GooseMeNow?

Is search so ingrained in our lives that we would flop around like a flounder gasping for breath on the deck of Spongebob Captain’s schooner were we denied? No more Google for you, young man, you’ve grown far too lazy with your critical thinking skills.


17 thoughts on “Search? You mean Find?

  1. Google has started doing this thing where a list of similar questions is posted on the first page. If I can’t find what i’m looking for right away, I go to the list and start looking there. I do like googling myself and seeing what comes up on page 3, lol.

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  2. If it’s something obvious and the results on the first page satisfy me, then it’s all good. However, I routinely check page 2 and 3 to see if there is anything else. Something different that Google is trying to hide.

    It’s so unfair how some things appear on top while others (sometimes more related to search) appear farther down the list.

    Back in the day, it was much easier to scroll through all pages. 10 “o’s”? Sure! But now… it just goes on forever. Who has that kind of stamina? Hiding important things accomplished!

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    1. Mostly I search on programming questions. Rarely does the first few results not contain what I’m looking for.

      Other things? Sometimes I’ll randomly pick a “o” at the bottom and see what, yeah, might be hiding down there.

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  3. If I’m looking for a fast fact (spelling of a plant’s Latin name) I often don’t bother going to any of the sites that come up. To consult Dr. Google for something health related, it’s best to use technical terms (e.g., “-algia” instead of “pain”). When I’m looking for something to confirm some of my personal biases, I rarely get anything useful, no matter how many pages I scroll through. If any site is riddled with ads, I just leave. I like Wikipedia because it’s ad-free. I even kick a few bucks their way to keep it that way. Hate ads!

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  4. Long ago I clicked on the third page of my name, not finding me on the first two as we were told was the truth, and discovered I was a black music minister in Tuscon. Or Phoenix. Since then I use the advanced search, or only .edu. Except when I was looking for music stores by location and then I’d stand on a street corner in Ponca City and fart until a passer-by would engage and I could ask. No one knows like locals. If you can find one these days.

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    1. Good point. The first item is often times sponsored.
      One has to wonder about the count. Found 12,388,00 results. Meaningless. If we only ever examine the first 10, out of millions, what’s the purpose of millions? Why show the count at all? Found 19 Trillions results, showing first trillion.

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      1. You’ve just stumbled …accidentally …coincidentally…on another reason for Akira’s baby…which will be the perfect symbiosis of man and machine. Machines are perfect at answering questions…but it is only man’s drive and curiosity that is capable of generating the questions to begin with…Thought I’d reveal that! LOL!

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