Beachcams I’m addicted to

The television cable system here where I live allows for most services to connect through. Services like Youtube. So, Saturday and Sunday mornings, I turn on the boobtoob and select one of these two live feeds. I had been watching other “beach loops” but they’re not as entertaining as the live feeds. In the winter, I favor the fireplace loops with their crackling and popping.

These feeds are the perfect accompaniment to my writing environment.

Fred Hotel, St. Croix:

Pacific Sands Beach Resort, Tofino, British Columbia, Canada:


46 thoughts on “Beachcams I’m addicted to

    1. I bet you’re TV would though…
      A computer is just a tool, and all writer’s should value their tools. Time for an upgrade, me thinks. One worthy of that TeaHouse.


  1. I can’t focus on writing in a cafe. I have no idea how people do it.
    The sound of rain puts me to sleep.
    I prefer listening to the sound of silence when I write.
    I’ve never utilized the fireplace loop or anything like that. It just seems… pointless. I’d much rather stare at a painting.

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    1. … and then I drift off listening to the nostalgic echoes. I’m too shallow to have real world sounds tinkling around me, susurrations with evocative undertones. ELO LPs spun backwards.

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  2. Wow! I’ve been to Pacific Sands. It’s only a half-day’s drive from here. Some people like ambient sounds to accompany writing, like the busy coffee shop or the spaceship. I think I’d start looking for the point where the same sounds (conversation fragments and clinking cups) start to repeat in the coffee shop sounds, but the spaceship ones are subtle enough to fade into the background. Especially if you write late at night.

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    1. That’d be way too distracting as background visuals for writing. Those folks who can sit in a coffee shop and write? No way.
      I just need something to take my mind away for moments in between sentences.
      A street corner in Venice? Might be entertaining for a while…

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            1. Jingle is a widely connotated word. Find a new meaning, release the trigger. Being stoic is in there with denial and constipation, so no great loss if you wave to it receding in the rear view. Writing is multifaceted therapy. Practice often.

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              1. No jingle cannot be changed, it’s too late, my neurons can only fire in one direction when I hear the word jingle. But I like that line, “Writing is multifaceted therapy,” that’s a lot in one short sentence.

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            1. This was spoken with the hopes that Hetty succeeds where I fail. I keep pumping out the short stories, but am I enthralled? Engaged even? I doubt anything short of catastrophic metamorphosis will get me there.

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              1. Take what you get. Write chapters like short short stories save for leaving the end where it belongs instead of tieing it up. Half my short-stories are plucked from WIPs. You might consider a brain flush and write scenes from cold prompts that are not of your design. Two mafia guys land in Florida. High voltage, a chauffeured Lincoln that needs a paint job. Buying a used fridge for a garage beer unit from a short, happy Mexican guy with a ponytail, his wife, their location in a suburban but bypassed by incorporation location. A shed. What’s in the backyard. Kids, grandkids and fishing.
                A $200 natural gas bill and a call to the gas company. You’re a 32 year old single mom. How does that go? What’s on your mind? What ifi the gas company won;t come inside to relight your hotwater tank?
                Watch a Van Halen live video. Be somebody with a job. What job? What’s on their mind? Google a gig. Be somebody totally different.
                Listen to music you normally wouldn’t. be IN the human condition, don’t narrate it. Your old suicide girl on the bridge was great. Who talked her down? Why did your high school crush die of a downer OD when she was 49? How did she get there? Why would the guy who sat next to you in geometry now have hair like Dolly Parton and make up a home invasion story? Get after it.

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                1. Been thinking about this…
                  I see your point, but I’m not sure that a Stoic mentality precludes the ability to examine and expose human behavior through writing.
                  What does, however, stymie that ability is an infectious existentialistic mien that’s permeated my mind. Such a state, I’ve found, does come and go in multi-month long waves. So, I just have to ride this one out.
                  But, to your equation, I wonder what other writers would say to your “enraged = engaged” supposition. I think there might be something there.
                  Being blase’ does not evoke action. But how close does one have to enraged to be effective?
                  More study is required.

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                  1. Actually I’ve reversed my position now. I am a rage-aholic but everything that has come from rage has been found idiotic upon sober review. I actually dug out Marcus Aurelius for the hell of it and I see that there is room to change my ways a bit. I can see how calm, detached reflection could, um, help me. Anyway. I’m trying to figure out what is my mindset when I’m making steady progress.

                    Can you elaborate on what you mean by the word existentialist? Many different writers/philosophers pop in my mind so I’m wondering where you are on the map so I can get a clearer idea.

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                    1. The meaning I take is that the only meaning a person can find in the universe is one they themselves create.
                      And in that is a quandary that if you can’t find meaning, that is, where one discovers that there’s no point or purpose to the Universe, then you’re pretty much fucked.
                      It’s this duality of “I can find my OWN meaning” vs “The Universe is absurd, fuck it.” that I tend to cycle through; not quite nihilist, not quite existential.

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                    2. This awareness is rather like Pandora’s box. I’d gladly return to a time of ignorance if I could.
                      The ‘Mudge and I concluded that only diversion ameliorates the situation. Idleness invites the Void.

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                    3. Idleness invites a lot of stuff. But maybe you’ve found something in your thinking on this subject. It seems to bug you to be caught there, and you keep thinking about it. So striving to find something is something in itself. As long as you’re a little bothered, the search will continue. The urge to search is a meaning.

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  3. When I was a kid growing up in New Jersey, WPIX out of New York would do an annual Christmas broadcast called “Yule Log”. It was literally 6 hours of live footage of a fireplace with holiday carols playing over top. I used to roundly mock this broadcast because I was a stupid kid with no sense of subtlety. That, and the fact that we had a working fireplace in my house which Dad tended while his insufferable Xmas records played in the background made it seemed hopelessly superfluous.

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