Nuremberg Trials 2.0


When the Tyrannical Imbecile is deposed in January 2021, when he is frog-marched from the columnar entrance of the Whitehouse, his failure to subvert the U.S. Constitution won’t go as a sole infraction by a singular idiot.

Let’s face it, the Moron In Chief can’t even dress himself, feed himself or figure out how to to change the channel on the vast Whitehouse television network. How the hell could such a freakishly dimwitted miscreant contrive to wound the U.S. Postal Service, collude with and commandeer the Justice Department, appropriate ICE, and pollute and corrupt the State Department (among a host of other national institutions)?

He couldn’t. The man’s a total third-class fuck up. Not even a first-class fuck up.

Which means that there are dozens if not hundreds of sycophants seething like lice in the rotten woodwork of his administration. Sinister insectoids creeping around doing his bidding, hatching ingenious plans on his behalf, defecating in the cupboards and pissing in the broom closets of the Whitehouse.

Guess who’s gonna pay the price during 2021?

A-yup! We’re going to have a jubilant reckoning. A gottdamn Come-to-Jesus moment for a shit-ton of folks who will be running from the fumigators come next spring.

Who wants to bring back medieval stocks for public shaming? At least for a little while…

Did they think they were gonna get away with it? Really? Dumbasses.


14 thoughts on “Nuremberg Trials 2.0

  1. It’s nice to think that those politicians whose main focus has been on appeasing tRump and not taking care of the people will suffer at least, public shame. But the bigger problem is going to be getting rid of the notion that the right and left want to destroy each other. Or that God is somehow taking sides…… For that reason, I think if a miracle happens and Biden is elected, he’ll make a deal with the tRump faction for them to just disappear and quite making a spectacle of themselves or face the wrath of Kamala Harris.

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      1. He sounds like he’s planning to sit elections out because all politicians are tainted goods. That’s kind of like refusing to get on Noah’s Ark because it’s not going exactly where you want it to go and so you’d rather drown.

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  2. “Which means that there are dozens if not hundreds of sycophants seething like lice…” You mean politicians? Where you been for the last 5,000 years? You actin’ all butt hurt over 3.5 years? I’m no fan of any of our current crop, including in the those-who-can’t-dress-themselves-or-find-the-stairs ‘Droolin’ Joe’ Biden. Look at what’s out there and if ANY of them on any side are the answer, what the fuck kinda questions are we asking? Oh wait, I get it. Race hasn’t been an issue except lately, invented by Trump and ‘privileged white people’ to maintain control of 13% of the population. Immigration and the Postal Service just now got broken. Crooked cops are the direct result of the Trump administration, along with horny clerics of all denominations and homo-phobic restaurant owners. Election fraud and cronyism are new concepts. Women’s rights are just now a “me too” problem. Obama and Biden and Oprah had 8 years to fix what, exactly? Add Clinton and the Shrub to that. Hell, go back to George Washington who was more concerned with soldiers swearing than freezing to death along with his slaves. ALL the idiots on OPM holding major offices aren’t crooks except some? That’s as narrow as a 1928 one-lane bridge over a dry creek in Oklahoma. Show me a politician of any brand who can live in a glass house and I’ll show you one hell of a public relations team. Frankly, I don’t care who wins because it’s business as usual the next day.

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    1. My point was that, although there are always nefarious activities done by bad-actors, this particular crop is going to trigger a vast house-cleaning and analysis of corruption. Along the lines of the Nuremburg Trials.

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      1. No it won’t, because too many want to keep their cushy gigs and if you shake the rug all kindsa complicit shit’s gonna fly out from under it. Hilary was a lying criminal, she’s not in jail. Pelosi is a proven by her own mouth card carrying white privilege caste system bigot. There’s more dirt under the dead rich pimp than anyone wants to see. Business as usual. See, if you try one and set a precedent you have to try them all and there’s about a snowball’s chance in hell of that happening. Looking for an honest (gender non specific) person in any government is like looking for turds that smell like roses and eat like chocolate.

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  3. They will blame Democrats for years and years for the failure to “fix: this colossal fuck up.. The RWPM (White Wing Propaganda Machine) will not remain silent, will not turn itself off.

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