Dear Mole: Filthy Rich


Big news! I am $84.15 wealthier than I was just five minutes ago.

In order to pocket that money, I had to delete The Desert Curmudgeon from the internet. That’s as it should be. I think the handful of lackluster posts I composed right out of the gate made it clear that I really didn’t give a rat’s ass about starting up a new blog.

Regardless, here’s hoping somebody picks up the slack and finishes what I started with The StarLost.

On to today’s question: where do you see yourself in 77 days?

Swimming Pools, Movie Stars,


5 thoughts on “Dear Mole: Filthy Rich

  1. In 77 days California will be burnt to the ground and no ballots will be cast at all. The internet will be down and the phones will be out. Which means Trump might sneak in. Don’t count him out. That’s what happened earlier, and look where we are. Drop my new post…you can see my cat and my personal bhodi tree preparing for the worst. I took the photo…so you won’t see me.

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  2. $84.15 will keep Jesse in doggie chow for a month or two: good choice.

    You’re always welcome to scratch your literary itch here. (Which is prolly more like an eczemal rash, or fleas, sorry Jesse.)

    The Dems are having WAY too much fun these last two nights. It’s like they’re giddy on the fumes of a win that may never happen. Come the morning of Nov, 4th I’m sure the balance of us will be ill from either champagne or from the tumultuous gurgling of despair in our guts. If the latter occurs, I wonder if some of those Sufi hashish guys might intervene on the world’s behalf. (Why this hasn’t already occurred is beyond me.)

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    1. Thanks, Mole. Though I’m sure it will be infrequent, I’ll take you up on using your site in the rare instance that I have something to say. And yeah, the giddiness seems incredibly disingenuous. I want to hear more anger and threats of a post-presidency prosecution…but that might not be good political strategy.

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