Trump: America’s Hitler

I thought those words and turned my head to the side, hmm, fuck, that’s about right, isn’t it?

ShitForBrainsDonaldDimwitDrumpf is the United States’ “Adolf Hitler” moment.

Germany—ah fuck, sorry mates, now we know how you feel.

But then I got to thinking about Hitler and how he could actually speak, lead, and write and although he probably had syphilis or Parkinson’s or Alien-Covid-33, and was, yeah, a heinous narcissist, at least he could string six words together to form, you know, thoughts.

[Picture of Drumpf as Hitler that my wife made
me (almost) erase because she’s afraid of repercussions.]


Heil Twitler!

(Gawd, it is so easy to turn ANYBODY into Hitler, isn’t it?)

This I-D-10-T can’t possibly come close to Hitler’s true monstrous evil. I mean, the Dough-nald can’t begin to plan the domination of the world without a crayon storyboard of how this little piggy pissed all over a Russian prostitute and is then beholden to Dr. Vladimir No and has to have his gonads threatened by a L-A-Z-E-R. “Gonads? What are those?”

In all serious though, our current situation truly resembles Germany 1933.

Now, I’m conflicted. I “know” that nothing lasts, that all is for naught, that the Universe will die in a snuffed out whimper. Yet, while I’m here…

Jackboot troops? Suppression of news? Control of information (the postal service)? Ostracization and repulsion of people of alternate race, lifestyle and culture? Hijacking the justice system?

If this isn’t America’s Totalitarian Moment, I don’t know what is.

(This is NOT to diminish the impact of The Holocaust. No, Trump is no Hitler. Hitler was the epitome of demonic evil and hopefully the likes of him will never resurface.)

11 thoughts on “Trump: America’s Hitler

  1. Correction; It didn’t “begin” with Clinton, this current fascist phenom traces itself back to Milton Friedman and the adoption of Keynesian Economics, which basically decoupled corporate profits from civic responsibility and reciprocity. Corporations no longer had to be “good citizens.”…leading to squeezing the blood out of every human rock they feel it, I feel it, we all feel it. The rage builds, the politicians are bought and paid for…

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    1. This has been my conclusion for some time. I believe Europe understood “power” much more intimately and therefore created stronger laws governing just what “corporations” were allowed to do.
      Here? As soon as the revolving door of Corporations -> Lobbyists -> Congress and back around, was established, we were doomed.
      How the fuck would ANYBODY think that a corporation was a PERSON?
      Yes, corporations are the true evil in the world, now.

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      1. Yes, indeed. Corporations legally defined as a “person” was so…fucked…up. You can feel the squeeze if you’re still a wage slave…it only gets worse, and the pursuit of capital and more profits is relentless…

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  2. According to Noam Chomsky…(I had to pick someone to explain this fascist phenomena to me) The Democrats are not blameless in the emergence of Trump. It began when Clinton took the jobs away by signing the NAFTA agreement, and it was Clinton who expanded the for-profit prison system…this contributed to the growing rage and hate…the true evils are the corporations and their relentless drive for profits…who own both sides of the political coin. Just my .02 as I try to figure out what’s really going on in the world. My genius de jour: Shoshana Zuboff: who wrote the book Surveillance Capitalism. Worth a read. Explains the inevitability of corporate control and greed pinpointing those we love the most, including Google and Facebook. They system created Trump. The system will recreate him. Ok, back to m blog.

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  3. Yeah. This is how Fascism takes hold and becomes entrenched, plain and simple. The fact that so many Americans still choose to downplay this (if not outright deny it) is beyond infuriating. I hate what my home has become. If this mentally retarded authoritarian finds his way to a second term, my opinion of my own species will become so piss-poor that I’ll no longer wish to live within it. No hyperbole. This one is do or die as far as I’m concerned.

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  4. I haven’t seen the golden shower video, put I’ve heard rumors. I may have a “low bar” for accepting any human sexual activity between consenting adults, but this reaches depths I don’t even begin to fathom.

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  5. Not a five alarm post. A post stating what we already know, but in typical Anony fashion, succinctly put. As I just posted on my FB page:

    Hello to all the
    CA Trump supporters. So, how does “nuclear winter” feel?

    I know you live in CA…and all this smoke in the air…just a prelude of things to come. The end, my friend, is near. I’m writing as fast as I can….(am I?) and may not even finish my book, story, blog…whatever it turns out to be…in time.

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