Wounded by Covid

I thought I’d eked by. I thought the ravaging flames of “corporate actions” had dwindled and snuffed out. I thought I had a future.

I thought wrong.

Turns out the totem pole continues to get Jenga’d from the bottom up. And my developer spirit, squatting there smug with a grimace like the Cheshire Cat, just got flicked to the burn pile.

“Call me.” The Prick (you remember him) MS Teams messaged me.

“ME?” (I’d never Teams chatted this guy, ever.)


“This is Anonymole.”

“Your position has been eliminated. You’ll make arrangements with HR to return the phone and laptop. It’s another heavy round of layoffs. Sorry.”

(Yeah, sure you are.)

I guess I’ll have more time to write now. Just what I always wanted.


20 thoughts on “Wounded by Covid

  1. I would trade places with you, except that would be a downgrade for you. I’m sorry that it happened to you. I second Mr. Huston–nobody gives a shit about anything. How many times have you lost sleep for them, meanwhile they don’t give you a second thought except when they need something?

    (Can we still trade though?)

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  2. I’m sorry to hear that. The moment the world called it a pandemic and businesses started closing down for quarantine, I knew it was going to become the best excuse. People only recently stopped using the ’08 recession as an excuse for not giving you a raise. We were overdue for a new excuse. Like the others, this one will be milked for years to come. “Oh, you’re overwhelmed with the tasks that 5 people used to do but now it’s just you? Leave. We will hire someone else.” “Oh, you want a raise? Sorry. We wish but we are so behind due to coronavirus 5 years ago…” It just makes me angry. I mean, I understand that things can get difficult, but I just know of too many places that just know which card to play when.

    I will leave you with a cliche – everything happens for a reason and I hope something better comes your way.

    Are you still going to be meeting up with your coworker to teach them how to write?

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  3. I am so sorry to hear this. It sucks the mighty. Given it has happened, my hope is that this event will lead to a better future for you whether in your writing or your programming. The Prick should make a great character study. One does needs villains for a popping good narrative story and you’re just the writer for the task. The Prick could be your Javert the villain in Victor Hugo’s Les Miserables. Shoot for the stars. You the man. I know it in my soul.

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  4. Nobody gives a shit. I’m not talking about you writing or working, I mean THEM. THEY. Do not give one iota of shit about you, us, those who are not THEM. Times get tough, the boss sells his Benz, puts his gets in a cheap school? Ha! We’re gone. Not even a thanks for all you gave us, all the anxiety we gave you over something as ephemeral as a “job”. Sorry you had a run in with the we don’t give a shits. After the first couple of times I kept my middle finger loaded and cocked and when I saw it coming? AMF. Again, empathy and sympathy for the shitsville train stop. Fuckers.

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      1. I got that same line. “If you sign on, let’s do this until we retire.” Boo-ooooofoo-oookinshit.
        “You could at least buy me dinner”
        “No, I like it dry.”
        “Now I know bone-us isn’t about money.”
        “They told us we needed focus. Well, we got it.”
        Carry on…

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  5. Big Bummer. I hope this winds up leading to a better job/future whether in writing or programming. I am so sad for this to have happened to you – especially at such an already screwed up time. Mike

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  6. Hi A. Mole,

    So let’s look on the bright side … hmm … still looking … well, okay then, let’s have a drink, how about that? Do you like ouzo? I drink it with lime and ice. It really puts the zap on my head, a different slow-mo kind of thing. Good luck. Duke

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