Kurzgesagt: Drumpf

Donald Dimwit Drumpf is a: (fill in the blank…)

  • Impotent playground bully
  • Habitually incompetent robber-baron-wannabe
  • Incoherent bloviating imbecile
  • Lying sad-sack-o-sewage
  • ??? (provide your own…)

Orange never looked so good:

(How do you like my Photoshop skills?)

In a more pleasant universe…

Hetty over here: whothehellknows.home.blog was not aware of my disdain for blog awards. I forgive her. However, because she approached the topic with enthusiasm and goodwill I felt somewhat compelled to comply with her prompt.

  1. Were you a dork growing up?
    Most definitely. Gullible, transparent and naive, I’d easily accept everyone at face-value. My interests were typical boyish things, taking stuff apart to see how it worked, building flimsy structures that collapsed in the breeze, ogling oblivious girls, dreaming of running away to the woods.
  2. Which literary villain most resonates with you?
    I’m a justice fanatic, I can’t think of any villain with whom I’d identify. OK, Hades in Disney’s Hercules … maybe.
  3. What is your perspective on existence?
    Hey, that’s an easy one. Just lookup above and click the Absurd Universe link.
  4. What is your favorite video game?
    Pong? I was never a fan of the genre. I did play my son’s Pokemon handheld in ’97? when they first came out, but only until the monotony underwhelmed me.
  5. Who is the worst boss you’ve ever had?
    I contracted for a fellow who had zero planning skills, no understanding of project management, no desire to participate in the design of a complex system he thought I should “just build”. The fucker threatened to sue me for non-delivery after a few months of work. Fortunately, the asshole got fired before me.
  6. Do you have a “tic” when you think of something embarrassing you’ve done? (eg, I shake my head really hard)
    Turn beet-red. Imagine an embarrassed jellyfish, my pasty white skin reveals all chagrin.

11 thoughts on “Kurzgesagt: Drumpf

  1. I worked for a man once who gave out demerits for what he considered bad behavior. Not sucking up to him was the worst infraction. Not surprisingly, before his parents shipped him off to Israel (from Poland) he was the “Outstanding Communist Youth” in school. Something he was quite proud of.

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