SepSceneWriMo #12

VEV-38 became adamant against Control’s insistence…

Discovery we experienced, not.

:: Discovered, you were!

Evidence, you have?

:: Xpecies channels of communication flooded
by visually recorded evidence, they have.

News, this is?

It may have been that the quantum entangled viewing device suffered a graviton space-burp, however, it is more likely that the primitive observations reported by this xpecies finally penetrated the humorless exo-skull of Control.

:: Indeed. Viral conspiracy assumed, it will be.

VEV-38 shrugged his chitinous shoulders. The rasping sound generated a pleasing sensation in his mate’s aural spicules. VEV began his report…

Detected reduced activity this greening season, we have.
Dormant, xpecies appears to have become.
Arteries of transport, vacant they are.
Collapse, we predict.

:: Species history, you should review. Devastation of numbers and recovery,
experienced xpecies has. Expect similar results, you should.

VEV-38 reclined in his netting. The quantum viewer automatically adjusted to follow the monocular focus of his prime-eyes. Throughout his collective life-cycle he’d witnessed numerous species collapse. The galaxy was literred with them. The evidence he and JIN-23 had collected thus far pointed to systemic failure.

JIN-23 completed her analysis of the planet’s atmosphere and jacked into her own qu-viewer. She and VEV had arrived at identical conclusions: this species was doomed. She offered her observation…

Atmospheric temperatures risen to crippling levels, they have.
Trigger points of cascading failure, experienced the environment has.
The existential cliff,  xpecies marches foolishly toward.

JIN drew in shuddering breaths along her thorax.

Repeat, history does not always perform.
Often, collapse occurs.
Admit this, Control does?

Another longer and more worrying space-burp ticked by. JIN’s intimate antenna drifted over to lightly touch her mate’s. He returned the gesture as they waited for Control’s response.

:: Monitor the xpecies, continue you will.
Repeat, history may not,
but rhyme, it often does.

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