SepSceneWriMo: 1/2 way there

Lucky thing for me, I don’t have a job. Else this finished-scene per day would be a real burden. Ah, who am I kidding, it IS a burden. This is fricking hard. And if this is hard, criminy, trying to write 1650+ words a day for NaNoWriMo would be impossible.

Then there’s the stupid shit on the news (I know, quit watching the news), and Dickwad Drumpf and the crap he and his minions continue to pull, it’s exhausting. But then again, all good train wrecks should wear you out.

And how about that Venus Phosphine discovery? Cool shit, huh? No, not really. I figure if it’s really life in the Venusian atmosphere, then it got blasted off this planet and drifted over there — panspermia like. Spermia… Sper….

And of course there’s this other thing I’m doing, you know, to try and stay alive, both with the 500+ count hazardous air quality (for 5 straight days), that little heart thing that happened, but mostly it’s this: “Hey, you’re old and it’s obvious by the dates on your resume, so why the fuck would we want to hire some dude that might have a heart attack and die on us?” Uh, cuz I write goofy shit on a blog? Not good enough? Well, fuck you too!

OK, back to SepSceneWriMo… We’ll see how this plays out, if I don’t get played out, and can muster the playa in my game. (“Geeze, ‘Mole, stick to your own age vernacular, please.”)

11 thoughts on “SepSceneWriMo: 1/2 way there

  1. Welcome to no matter what you know or if you’re any good you skew our healthcare numbers. Best of luck elsewhere. On the other front, he said debating semantics, “finished” is different than “written”. And yes, even drafting is time consuming.

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  2. I heard someone opining that Venus may once have had oceans of water, but an extreme greenhouse effect boiled them away, and now it has a sulphuric acid atmosphere and maybe some sort of remnant microscopic life forms. Not sure that’s anything to get excited about.

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  3. “Hey, you’re old and it’s obvious by the dates on your resume, so why the fuck would we want to hire some dude that might have a heart attack and die on us?” Yeah, been through that train of thought. Consider the options: lie on the fuckn’ resume, remove the dates, insist on remote work only, if you do a Zoom conference…guess what….you’re visual is out and you can only do audio…you’ll pass…age discrimination is illegal but with what Drumpf is getting away with laws don’t matter…Panspermia is the theory of how life got brought to earth…and you didn’t have to dumb it down for us to get the Sperm reference. But no matter. From earth to Venus? Yeah, why not. Funny thing is, Asimov wrote a whole series of alien beings living in the cloudy atmosphere of other planets, in forms nearly beyond our comprehension. And here we are…and can anyone yet explain the methane gas clouds detected on Mars (cow farts?) or the pyramids right here on earth? So much too worry about. And no once cares about my blogging either…oh well. I do. Some do. My audience is small, but satisfying. (With one notable exception.) So, Tally Ho!

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