Dear Mole: How’re Ya Now?


How’re ya now?


Not so bad.

While you’ve been productively prolific in the dispensation of the written word, I’ve been watching TV.

Since Suzanne alerted me to the existence of a show called Letterkenny the other dayee, staring at the tube has once again become my veritable raison d’etre.

I predict that watching these 2 clips is all it will take for it to become your new favorite thing, too:

Even though I have nothing of substance to say anymore, you still let me spew it here on your site, Mole, and that’s what I appreciates abouts you.

That’s all I’ve got this month. See you in October.

Pitter Patter,


11 thoughts on “Dear Mole: How’re Ya Now?

  1. Hey ‘Mudge,

    I’d hate to skip the record and continue the Lamentation of Anonymole, so let’s just say I didn’t think things could get any worse, which they did, and now I believe the only direction is up.

    RE: LetterKenny,
    I expected having my precious few IQ points dinked away like pachinko balls, but that was not the case. I found myself wanting to catch every word, to the extent of replaying some of it to ensure I’d captured their intent. Thanks for that.

    Per my prolific output of late, I’m already feeling the founts of word-flow falter. However, with a review of both the fiction and non-fiction content created here and elsewhere, a substantial amount it appears, I’ve decided to see if dabbling into the world (cross posting is cool, there) might earn me pocket change. We’ll see. Once I get a body of work fleshed out there, I may come a-beggin’ for a boost.

    Always welcome here, ‘Mudge,

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