Lyrics – On a Journey

Restin’ on a rock in the river,
Let the water wash my cares away.
See the weeds they dance and shiver,
Let my mind drift higher as I say,

Let’s float to ol’ St. Louie, fly to New York City,
Run to Detroit, Denver or LA.
Just get away, hey, hey. Just get away.

Sittin’ on a bus bound for nowhere,
Diesel smoke ain’t the kind I enjoy.
Lady looks at me with flowers in her hair,
Time to take a trip, hold my hand boy,

Let’s head to Reno, drive to Tallahassee,
Hitch to Galveston, Gary or Green Bay.
Just get away, hey, hey. Just get away.

The destination ain’t the reason,
It’s the sights along the way, it’s the season,
Take your time on the journey,
Lose your sorrows and your worries,
Take it slow, never hurry,

Just get away, hey, hey, hey. Just get away.

Jettin’ on a plane over the ocean,
Busy people on the ground with no voice.
Never looking up, just going through the motion,
Freedom’s not a gift, freedom is a choice,

That’s what I say, hey, hey, hey

Just get away, hey, hey, hey.
Just get away, hey, hey, hey
Just walk to Kansas City,
ride to Tahoe pretty,
cruise to Phoenix, Albuquerque, 
roam to Lincoln, Okeechobee
get to Richmond, Bend or Monterey

But get away, hey, hey, hey.
Get away, hey, hey, hey

10 thoughts on “Lyrics – On a Journey

  1. It is time for you to grab your guitar, microphone and recording devise and sing us your song.

    If you don’t have the equipment, there is a fellow in your city that has just such a studio all set up and ready to go.

    We need to hear the voice of the author of the lyrics. Then we will fell the deep emotional depth within.

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      1. There ain’t no new ones. Byron and The Bard, the Greeks. Dylan. Songs/trad poetry are a great lesson in restraint.I mean even the syrupy ballad guys got one right now and then with Journey’s “Don’t Stop Believin'” Forget the endless chorus, the verses are classic scenes from a grimy Noir. Pick an emotion, some lute player nailed it 5,000 years ago. Burton Cummings has a great song with the line “I will play a rhapsody, cleverly disguise it so it’s not been heard before…And I will sing a lullaby, let ya know I’m near you, through the night to keep you warm”
        That’s pretty much what songs are.

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