The Mares of Mars

Haus spurred his robotic steed. By ‘spurred’ we mean he spoke code into his suit’s helmet that translated to ‘giddy-up’. Within seconds his six-legged rover, a cross between a horse, a spider and a stainless-steel nightmare from a 20th Century film, began a sinuous saunter, one that allowed Haus to barely feel the trail.

The pair arrived at a crevasse, one that plunged deep into the dusty crust of Mars.

“The span exceeds safe leaping distance,” said Bray-bury, the mount’s name.

“Bah! This oughta be easy. Back up a bit.” The robot complied. “Now git!”

And over they flew.

[99 word story of a dusty trail.]

12 thoughts on “The Mares of Mars

  1. You sure are prolific. September has passed. Time to get back to work…or can an you do both? I’m having a hard time doing either and am slowly becoming the ‘Mudge…luxuriating in doing nothing and basking in simply being. Doing nothing is counterproductive to capitalism, so how long can that last?

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  2. I imagine the robotic steed Bray-burry takes its name from Ray Bradbury the author of The Martian Chronicles.

    Is this Haus a direct descendant of Haus Cartwright of Cartwright Brothers fame on the western Ponderosa Ranch as chronicled in the TV series Bonanza?

    Is he riding off to prevent his brother Little Joe from losing his virginity in a Martian brothel?

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